Episode 52: Sierra Campbell

On intentional death and dying, elder and hospice care, and the conversations we need to have to help our elders die beautifully.

Over the past 20 years, Sierra Campbell has worked with the elderly suffering loss of independence through health crises such as illness, a fall, operations, and facing the great unknown, death. After a decade of owning and operating a successful home care agency, Sierra burnt out and took time to reflect on her time helping more than 100 (mostly elders) people through death and dying. She realized the urgent need for families to understand the path ahead, make plans, and prepare for the inevitable in ways that bring them closer and affirm fully living this life.

Sierra created Nurture.Co, a resource site to support and prepare individuals and families through all experiences end of life. On the site, you find many free resources, including Five Conversations, a free guide to plan with a parent or loved one for care at the end. Individuals, Family therapists, Geriatric Care planners, and Death Doulas utilize this resource to help clients organize relevant information and plan for care at the end.

Sierra is a certified End of Life Doula, a Yoga and Meditation Instructor since 1999, and a Health Coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has a Bachelors of Science from Indiana University, Bloomington in Geographic Information Systems and Computer Science. Sierra began working in a skilled nursing facility at age 16 and considers herself a lifelong caregiver.

  • How Sierra became committed to elder care [2:35]
  • Sierra’s definition of Hospice care [6:51]
  • Letting our loved ones know it’s ok to let go [10:54]
  • The importance of looking ahead for your loved ones [16:55]
  • Graduated care [21:31]
  • Health care and long term health insurance [24:47]
  • Volunteering for Hospice care [32:03]
  • Hospice course, Education of Angels [34.10]
  • Yoga and the dying process [38:49]
  • Breath practices [44:24]
  • Mary Oliver [51:44]
  • Prayer [56:49]


Five Conversations free course
Education of Angels hospice course
Stephen and Ondrea Levine
Jamyang Lama
Rod Stryker
Mary Oliver, The Leaf and the Cloud
Mary Oliver, Devotions

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