Episode 53: Laura McKowen

On the road to sobriety, the questions we need to ask, and the ways we need to listen.

Laura McKowen inspires people to say yes to a bigger life after addiction. She’s the author of the forthcoming memoir, We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life (January 2020), and has been featured on WebMD, The Guardian, The New York Post, Bravo, and the TODAY show. She writes an internationally recognized, award-winning blog, is the host of two Top 100 iTunes podcasts, and leads sold-out retreats and courses focused on sobriety and personal development.

  • How Laura’s Mom felt about the book [2:58]
  • Laura’s “last hurrah” before becoming sober [6:57]
  • Finding a home inside oneself [12:27]
  • Growing up [14:54]
  • A different way of looking at anxiety [17:15]
  • On not rushing our learning [23:32]
  • When there is no “rock bottom” [26:12]
  • Boundaries and The Pregnancy Principle [33:36]
  • How Laura talks to her child about sobriety [37:13]
  • Following the breadcrumbs [43:15]
  • Prayer [47:34]


We Are the Luckiest – Laura McKowen
Drinking: A Love Story – Caroline Knapp
The Great Work of your Life – Stephen Cope

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