Episode 57: Biet Simkin

On choosing conscious shocks, conscious suffering and crystallizing your commitment to daily bliss.

  • The Fourth Way [1:30]
  • The law of divided attention [8:28]
  • The law of aim [12:20]
  • The law of identification [15:12]
  • The law of shocks [20:54]
  • The law of three [27:05]
  • The law of self-remembering [30:55]
  • Unnecessary vs necessary suffering [33:06]
  • Buffers. How much joy can you stand? [36:45]
  • The law of death [41:39]
  • The law of crystallization [46:50]

Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “Lady Gaga of Meditation.” As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings are featured in Biet’s best selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster.


Biet Simkin website
Guided by Biet on Instagram
Don’t just sit there, Biet Simkin
Biet Simkin music https://open.spotify.com/track/5WUQMoFM0zGfTmFfs3AoIL?si=4GaEP7muT_64_D7wUbAnLQ
Views from the Real World – Gurdjieff
Self Remembering – Red Hawk h
The Overstory – Richard Powers
Self-Remembering – Robert Earl Burton
Hildegard non Bingen music
The Lunar

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