Episode 60: Nadine McNeil

On the voyage of service, what still needs our attention, connecting to Mother Earth, and majestic remembrance.

Nadine McNeil, is a yoga teacher, speaker, transformational coach and humanitarian whose mission is to ignite infinite possibility in people around the world and share yoga with diverse underserved communities.

Over the last few decades, Nadine has travelled the world in service of the UN, UNICEF, Global Volunteer Network and Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. These and other experiences rooted Nadine’s continued devotion to activism.

Inspired by her firsthand encounters with both the resilience of the human spirit and also its suffering, Nadine’s talks, workshops, yoga sessions and retreats are continually described as powerful, moving and insightful.

  • Trust, Truth and Dare. Choosing a word as a compass [0:45]
  • Releasing trauma from the body. Connecting to the earth [8:51]
  • Nadine’s humanitarian work with the UN [15:25]
  • Nadine’s transition into yoga [24:14]
  • How Nadine merged all of her passions and gifts [29:23]
  • What needs to be healed [33:24]
  • Favorite view [35:17]
  • Prayer [35:56]
  • What the body knows [36:50]


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