Episode 61: Jesse Johnson

On scarcity in schools, committing to our edification, wealth as activism, and standing back to back as we heal.

Jesse Johnson is a master sales and success coach, specializing in helping spiritual entrepreneurs build 7-figure businesses. An artist, activist, and educator, Jesse’s career began with 12 years teaching math in NYC public schools. Frustrated by the limits of both bureaucracy and poverty, she founded her own personal development company and blew her own mind taking it to 7 figures in just 2 years. Jesse now teaches coaches, spiritual leaders, and healers to experience sales as a spiritual practice and match their income with their personal mastery – no compromise, no self-sacrifice, no mediocrity.

  • Jesse’s experience of teaching in NYC public schools [0:45]
  • How Jesse came to start her own business [10:19]
  • Wealth as activism [14:03]
  • Lifting others up from a place of alignment [19:07]
  • What needs healing [21:48]
  • Favourite view [23:32]
  • Prayer [26:03]
  • Money and liberation [28:02]
  • Integrating physical identity with spiritual truth. Conversations about race [29:55]


Jesse’s YouTube channel
Mastering Sales eBook
Kate LaBrosse
This is Me, Bipolar-Free, Kate LaBrosse
Erika Matos

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