Episode 62: April Dawn Harter

On racism recovery as psychological, individual and collective healing.

  • How April came to her work [2:35]
  • Racism from a psychological perspective [11:12]
  • Narcissism and codependency [18:43]
  • White privilege. Complicity [23:00]
  • Treating perpetrators. Defense mechanisms [26:08]
  • Co-dependent racist savorism and anti-racist education on Instagram [33:19]
  • Racist rejection of whiteness and cultural appropriation [57:51]
  • Building trust and being trustworthy [59:50]
  • Psychoanalysing racism and evidence-based practices [1:10:55]
  • Stages of change [1:33:25]

April is a former medical social worker, where she provided counseling to her patients and their family members to help them cope with the trauma of medical emergencies in the state of Texas. She later moved to Colorado and started her private practice to serve QTPOC patients with a history of racial trauma. After having worked with QTPOC, she decided to help prevent racism in society by working with white clients as a coach using the Racist Signature Theory. Finally, she opened up the Racism Recovery Center to provide psychotherapy for the treatment of racism.


Racism Recovery Center
Developing Self Trust
Disparity in History textbooks
All About Love, Bell Hooks
The Courage to Trust, Cynthia Lynn Wall
My Grandmother’s Hands, Resmaa Menakem
Chloe Valdary, Theory of Enchantment
Dr. Gabor Mate

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