Episode 63: Jeff Burroughs

On the past as fuel for the future, the realities of race, and the magic of making records.

  • Jeff’s earliest musical influences [3:37]
  • His first experience of racism [6:40]
  • Creating his own blueprint for life [11:10]
  • Speaking to his children about what it means to be Black in America [15:16]
  • Favorite moments with Bad Boy [22:16]
  • The night that Biggie was murdered [26:22]
  • Artists Jeff is most excited about now [31:39]
  • Favorite view [38:06]
  • Prayer [40:01]
  • Delivering art to shift culture [42:00]


Kanye West

Kaash Paige
Bino Rideaux
1619 Project
Color of Change
When We All Vote

Jeff Burroughs’ leverages pop culture, bridging the gap to cultural relevance for brand initiatives and to build artist brands.

He’s had the pleasure of working with some of today’s most innovative brands and been fortunate enough to have developed successful brand strategies for award winning-world class artists like YG, P Diddy and 2 Chains, top rated television programs like the XFactor and a host of cpg companies. As Executive Vice President of Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy became one of the highest grossing conglomerates in the entertainment industry and shifted culture.

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