Episode 64: Pixie Lighthorse

On connecting to Nature, our wisest innermost council, and our deepest compassion.

  • Managing chaos [2:44]
  • Understanding the need to project chaos outwards [6:23]
  • Tools that Pixie is using and sharing right now [10:13]
  • Asking for help and managing resources [17:07]
  • Disassociation and discernment [19:04]
  • Shamanic arts. Returning to the core of peace within [21:30]
  • Building your council. Releasing control [27:59]
  • What needs healing [36:54]
  • Favourite view [38:09]
  • Prayer [39:29]
  • Death and grieving [41:49]
  • Meditative prayer from Pixie [50:19]


Pixie’s Worksheets
Prayers of Honoring, Pixie Lighthorse
Alberto Villoldo
The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo
Reimagining Death, Lucinda Herring
Sierra Campbell

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