Episode 67: Jacy Cunningham

On the life-changing conversations of race, the majestic presence of lineage, and the vital, daily work of loving yourself.

  • The birth of The Jacy Method [2:15]
  • On feeling alone in a community [7:01]
  • The importance of expressing joy and showing up as yourself [9:39]
  • Jacy’s morning marriage practice [16:42]
  • On living multiple lives as a Black person [24:52]
  • The opportunity to have conversations about racism [32:57]
  • Eye gazing [39:01]
  • Whiteness in the wellness space [41:50]
  • Knowing what came before. Restoring your relationship with your ancestors [46:33]

Jacy Cunningham, Creator of The Jacy Method, is a dynamic Movement Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor, and Motivational Speaker. As a former Collegiate football player and performance athlete, Jacy has trained with some of best performance coaches in the world. When his own football journey ended in 2012, Jacy moved to Eden, Utah and became the In-House fitness instructor for the famed entrepreneurial conference & start-up Summit Series. After serving their community for 4 years, Jacy left Summit to travel and create a new movement focused on harnessing self-love through dynamic and therapeutic movements. From the fall of 2016 to the summer of 2018 Jacy traveled with numerous touring musicians (Mike Posner, GRiZ, DJ Jazzy Jeff), launched his personal brand and class The Jacy Method and signed to Wanderlust Festival as a featured Instructor. Now as a Nomad, Jacy continues to travel, teach, and host at a variety of music and wellness festivals across the world.


Metu Neter, Ra Un Nefer
The End of White World Supremacy, Malcolm X
Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon

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