Episode 7: Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan is a recognized leadership expert and social entrepreneur dedicated to activating individuals and organizations to lead culture change and accelerate equality.

Claudia founded the award-winning global leadership conference, S.H.E. Summit, making the advancement of women’s leadership and inclusive culture change accessible and actionable. Year after year, the event connects, educates and activates change agents and champions of equality; speakers have included Deepak Chopra, Kelly Clarkson, Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley, Sallie Krawcheck, Gabrielle Bernstein, Soledad O’Brien, and UN Ambassador Samantha Power, among others.

Claudia also leads S.H.E. Globl Media, a corporate platform helping Fortune 1000 companies by providing strategic and operational tools to empower and activate ALL employees in creating permanent culture change. A sought-after speaker on how empowered talent can and should create a world of true equity, Claudia was called the “Richard Branson of Women’s Empowerment” by Fast Company and named one of 2017’s “20 Most Influential Moms” by Family Circle. In 2015, Claudia became an official U.S. State Department Speaker and has visited countries like South Korea for countrywide speaking tours to educate women on how to empower themselves and others in their communities. She was the 2015 global spokesperson for Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd empowerment campaign, a movement encouraging women to celebrate their multi-dimensionality.

Prior to launching S.H.E. Globl Media, Claudia was President & Co-Owner of the popular women’s entertainment company Shecky’s for 10 years. Claudia is a lifelong New Yorker, proud alumnae of Smith College, Mom of two and an equal partner with her husband, John.

How Claudia began. Watching her powerful, entrepreneurial Chinese Mother do it all.

Sex and the City. 2000s. Power of the media to influence Women’s values.

Half the Sky: https://amzn.to/2BuJqSk learning about the state of women and girls in the Third world, developing countries, maternal mortality and sex trafficking. In the US: the pay gap and gender inequality.

First SHE Summit. Showing women that they can become leaders and change agents.

Innovation means seeing the invisible. When you see the invisible, you can do the impossible.

Living in the discomfort. It’s where you make the most change.

Spiritual growth has to precede personal growth. Personal Growth has to precede Leadership development. Leadership Development leads to Social Change.

Leadership Development means being really clear on your purpose. Being a Visionary, leading teams.

We’re always going to bump into new challenges that will trigger things from our childhood. For Claudia, this often shows up as money issues.

You need spiritual growth in order to be rooted in something bigger than you, because it takes so much to move our destiny forward.

Claudia’s mission to inspire leaders to take action, to create a more equal world.
Identity of boys and men is also in transition.

How traditional institutions were built on masculine traits. Feminine traits are now starting to permeate the culture.

15.43- 17:41
For several years, women have created movements around particular topics e.g: Christy Turlington’s Every Mother Counts: https://everymothercounts.org/, but we also need more Men creating groups that mobilise around particular causes and topics. EVRYMAN is a great example: https://evryman.com/

More gender diverse workplaces are more successful.

The Thirteen Pillars: Purpose, Vision, Faith, Resilience, Energy, Productivity, Humility Gratitude, Grace, Community, Self-love, Courage and Mindfulness.

On identifying purpose. What are you meant to do and what are you leaving behind? Start where you struggle.

On Resilience. A gem can not be polished without friction.

On Energy. To be intentional about it.
Neville Goddard The Power of imagination https://amzn.to/2Vm8VwW

35: 58
How the 13 pillars intertwine. Use as a check-list for growth. Humility. We stop learning when we think we know it all.

Treat your whole life as the organization you are leading. Whole-life leadership.

See yourself as a leader. Start to develop and create your vision.

Outside-in thinking. Your destiny is greatness.
Pastor: Your schedule is less about what you need to get done and more about who you need to become.

Elena reads Honoring Community poem from Pixie Lighthorse’s book Prayers of Honoring https://amzn.to/2FVFOge.

48:13-54: 53
Claudia’s Relationship with Money. Be aware, and forgive yourself for thinking a certain way.


The Abundance Price by John Randolph Price
This is How We Rise
Prayers of Honoring
Money, A Love Story

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