Episode 74: Julie Wald

On the vital ways in which we approach practice for mental health.

Julie Wald is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Inner Wealth: How Wellness Heals, Nurtures, and Optimizes Ultra-Successful People, and the founder of Namaste Wellness. Julie has over twenty-five years of experience as a clinical social worker, yoga and meditation teacher. She’s committed to serving not only Namaste’s elite clientele of high performing companies and families, but also to delivering complimentary wellness services to under served schools, hospitals, and community organizations.

  • Supporting mental health within organizations [1:28]
  • Meeting people where they are [8:58]
  • Understanding problems, before offering solutions [11:42]
  • Frameworks: education, practice, one on one support [15:00]
  • Social media and polarization [19:05]
  • Identifying nuanced issues within a company [22:32]
  • Four pillars of wellness: movement, stillness, connection, nourishment [24:32]
  • Windows of tolerance during the pandemic [27:13]
  • Beginning work with a company. Starting with one small new habit [30:51]
  • Prayer [37:27]
  • Service as a cure for loneliness [42:36]


Namaste Wellness
Inner Wealth, Julie Wald
The Social Dilemma

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