Episode 78: Dr. Anthony Lyon

On the harrowing reality from the hospital floor, two actions we can take to stop the spread, and the stories we craft to help us cope.

  • Being open to learning. Basing recommendations on scientific data [06:08]
  • Considering what it feels like to be unable to breathe easily [07:40]
  • There are still no consistently effective treatments for Covid-19 [8:42]
  • Why earlier hospitalization can make a difference [9:36]
  • Dr. Lyon’s experience of treating Covid-19 patients [11:21]
  • Doing what we can to protect others [13:54]
  • Difference between N95 and surgical masks [16:59]
  • Schools. Protecting teachers and elders in three generation homes [17:55]
  • Why people want to believe false stories [20:10]
  • Finding ways to help [25:20]

Dr. Anthony Lyon is a Family Medicine physician, working as a dedicated in-patient physician or Hospitalist in New York for the last decade. He’s also the former Director of The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine, where he specialized in uncovering root causes of patients’ health concerns to resolve fatigue, chronic pain and overall imbalance.

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