Episode 79: Katie Hess

On the subtlety and majesty of the flowers, and their capacity to bring our human bodies back to Nature.

Katie Hess is an expert of flower alchemy – using the healing power of flowers to awaken our true potential. She is the author of Flowerevolution and founder of LOTUSWEI, the world’s leading flower elixir apothecary. She travels in search of rare flowers with the healing qualities most needed by today’s world, from the forests of British Columbia, to sacred sites in India, rainforests in Costa Rica, hot springs in Iceland and the jungles of Taiwan.

  • Using the subtle energies of the flowers to bring ourselves back to harmony [03:00]
  • What brought Katie to this work [8:14]
  • Building community [9:35]
  • There is a flower for everyone. Formulating the elixirs [13:10]
  • Developing self-awareness of what we need [17:51]
  • Acupuncture and flower essences [20:32]
  • Elena’s favorite flower essences [24:05]
  • Reconnecting with your own wisdom [29:33]
  • Allowing yourself the luxury of following what brings you joy [31:14]
  • Activating our potential [32:52]



Flowerevolution collective
Flowerevolution book and deck
Infinite Love Quiet Mind
Wild Abundance
Full Bloom
Inner Peace
Erin Borbet https://www.lotuswei.com/blogs/blog/erinborbetRobin Sandomirsky

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