Episode 82: Marnie Nir

On evolving and resolving generational patterns and misunderstandings. On loving ourselves enough to be a safe space for others; on great communication.

  • Inner.U LOVE. Writing dreams for love, relationship to self and body [6:07]
  • Looking to yourself rather than blaming others [7:53]
  • Noticing when we’re trying to make our partners more like us [10:32]
  • Identifying the relationship sports you’ve been playing [12:42]
  • How outing our issues can help others [15:16]
  • Sex and relationships. Making a game out of liking our partner [24:11]
  • Evolving our lineage and finding humour in the process [29:04]
  • Recognising when we want something but don’t want to admit it [34:04]
  • Parenting [38:32]

Humor, compassion, and candor are the driving forces in Marnie Nir’s work. Co-author with Lauren Zander of Maybe It’s You, Marnie is SVP of Content & Development with Handel Group, and an Expert Coach in The Handel Method. She has also continued her creative work, namely as co-creator of the animated series Mother Up!, which aired 13 episodes on Hulu and starred Eva Longoria. She serves as an expert at Campowerment, blogs for the Huffington Post, and writes her own blog, “The Sour MILF.”

Characterized by joyful honesty, Marnie’s aim is to build the muscle of Personal Integrity, where what comes out of your mouth is what shall be. “In this way, you can really go from ‘I will go to the gym,’ to ‘I will win an Emmy. And not just say it, but believe it, and cause it.” Married for more than 25 years, Marnie enjoys working with wives, mothers, and singles, because she is well-acquainted with the challenges they face and speaks b*#ch, martyr, and chicken fluently. She lives in Pound Ridge, NY with her husband and Facetimes often with her two children. She even likes them.


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What We Say Matters, Judith Hanson Lasater and Ike K Lasater
Practice You episode 44 with Lauren Zander

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