Episode 83: Erin Clabough

On using neuroscience to raise caring, compassionate, creative humans.

  • Creativity [3:04]
  • Empathy and self-control [7:40]
  • Stages of brain development [20:14]
  • Using brain plasticity to parent better. Experiences as a toolkit [24:03]
  • Offering choices to children [30:42]
  • Parental scaffolding. Offering a framework to kids for any given scenario [33:45]
  • Conflict resolution. Teaching your kids to communicate clearly [41:40]
  • Role playing. Learning to set boundaries [44:23]
  • Fostering compassion for the bully [46:43]
  • Neuroscience of self-control and self-regulation. Drug use [47:11]


Erin Clabough
Second Nature, Erin Clabough
Neuro for Parents video series
Nonviolent Communication, Marshall B. Rosenberg
Back Talk, Audrey Ricker The Soul of Discipline, Kim John Payne
What We Say Matters, Judith Hanson Lasater

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