Episode 84: Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

RICHARD FREEMAN began studying yoga in 1968, focusing on hatha, contemplative Buddhism, and the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods. He teaches throughout the world, and his video series, Yoga with Richard Freeman, set the gold standard for modern Ashtanga Yoga.

MARY TAYLOR has studied and practiced yoga since 1972 and teaches throughout the world. She co-founded the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado in 1988 with Richard.

  • The importance of not casting people out of our hearts [3:12]
  • Letting go of habitual patterns [08:08]
  • Reconciling political divisiveness [8:42]
  • Resistance to change [21:55]
  • Trusting the unknown [22:50]
  • Asking good questions. What will best serve? [27:11]
  • The theory of the three Gunas; Tamas, Rajas and Sattva [31:11]
  • Letting go of theories and placing them on the altar of pure awareness [41:50]
  • Embodiment practices [48:57]


When Love Comes to Light, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor
The Mirror of Yoga, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor
The Yoga Workshop, Boulder, Colorado
Richard Freeman on Glo.com

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