Episode 9: Ally Bogard, Nadia Narain and Elena Brower

On Rituals, Practices, and Good Listening

On the occasion of the release of ‘Rituals for Every Day‘ by Nadia Narain and and Katia Narain Phillips, we gathered to chat about our own practices of listening, praying and meaning-making.

Nadia Narain is one of the UK’s best loved and most respected yoga teachers. For more than 20 years, she has taught everyone from professional athletes to, pregnant women to total beginners and yoga sceptics, how to take care of their outer bodies as well as their inner spirit, she has inspired thousands to slow down, be kind and love themselves where they are. Nadia is also co-author with her sister of the international bestselling book “Self Care for the Real World,” and more recently, “Rituals for Every Day,” explaining not just why we have to look after ourselves, but how i simple achievable ways.


nadianarain.com – Nadia has a range for chemical free candles and perfumes and yoga retreats
Notes and Methods by Hilma Af Klint
Marie Kondo, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up
Belonging by Toko-pa Turner
Luke Storey’s The Life Stylist Podcast episode 191 with Dr Jack Kruse:
ABC carpet and home.
Rituals for Every Day

Length: 40:16



Reading from p29 Notes and Methods by Hilma Af Klint https://amzn.to/2LZQZIp


On trusting the messages that we hear from the other side.


Remembering that the other benevolent realms are also a part of you. Those forces want our help too. Building friendship. Marie Kondo. On helping being natural.




  • Ask for Help
  • Be a good friend. Listen and trust.
  • Carry a pair of warm socks in the winter time.
  • Remember that you’re not a burden, if you ask for help.



Nadia and Katia’s experience of rituals growing up.


Rituals for breaking up.


Making the mundane special. Pujas. Physicalized prayer for a project, or another person.


Reading from Toko-pa Turner’s book Belonging https://amzn.to/2YFjRqY


The lost language of prayer. There are really beautiful, magical things happening despite what gets noisy and loud.


Spending time on things that are joyful, not necessarily productive.

Assignment: do something, creative or otherwise, where you’re not dealing with the outcome, just doing.


Hilma af Klint passage, on not being discouraged when you don’t see results. On growing, and being guided.


Don’t do anything alone. Take a friend by the hand, invisible or otherwise.


Dr Jack Kruse on The 5G Apocalypse. Stay close to the trees.

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