Episode 95: Kallie Schut

On building relationships across points of difference, acknowledging the patterns of trauma we’ve inherited to reshape those relations, and remembering the practice as a way to honour those who’ve come before.

  • Kallie’s parents. Colonialism. British rule in India. What it was like to live in the UK [0:42]
  • Kallie’s work as a lawyer. Bearing witness to racism. School experience [8:23]
  • The Goddess Kali Ma. Yoga as a family practice. Yoga in London [12:14]
  • Systemic racism and capitalism [16:28]
  • Self-awareness and moving beyond the self. Grief and shame [20:11]
  • Yoga to build resilience. Showing humility to the guardians of wisdom traditions [25:55]
  • Kleshas. Inherited trauma, as the oppressed and as the oppressor [29:16]
  • Yoga teachers. Decolonizing yoga. Doubt as a sign of emotional intelligence [34:37]
  • Equitable partnerships. Being a changemaker [36:55]


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