Flow State

Recently I’ve had the honour of crafting a spoken word piece in collaboration with Above & Beyond. Feel free to listen to it wherever you hear your music; below you’ll find the Spotify link to listen. Put on your headphones and get out in Nature if you can; it’s also great for work time.

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10 thoughts on “Flow State”

  1. I bought Flow State because I love Above and Beyond. Had no idea what was on it except it was labelled ambient. So I’m enjoying my first listen and all of a sudden I’m in the middle of this amazing guided meditation (I was driving). I had no idea it was coming and it hit me so hard. I’ve listened to it repeatedly. Thank you so much Elena. You’ve spoken directly to a hurting heart that’s just now preparing to open.

  2. As I’ve listened to above and beyond for years, I was interested to hear your words, very nice, very soothing and unexpected. Have to admit the conbination of their music and your words, it’s a nice end to the day. Thank you.

  3. This is such a gift. Beauty, art, soul medicine. Word.
    I’m listening to your first spoken word with a&b since it was launched. And with this second one you now touched me even deeper. nonstop chills.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elena. Keep on sharing your love and shining your light.

  4. The clarity that was derived from dancing within the depths of my heart is the peace I’ve been searching for. This album, together with your beautiful guidence, arrived on my mental doorstep at the time it was intended to. I find myself listening over and diving deeper into fears and suppressed feelings, finally welcoming them and inviting them to heal me. I am ever so grateful. Much love to you and all.

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