Gestures From The Influence

Dear dharmic brother Darren Rhodes sent me this piece years ago from our teacher Lee Lozowick, referencing Divine Influence as an all-pervasive, unknowable, indescribable force, imperceptible by the senses, but discernible by other means.

“In order to develop the proper charge, and to recognize the Influence for what it is, we need to train our perception. This training includes developing an appreciation for subtlety, for the hints and clues that arise in our environment.

These are not the omens of the superstitious, but real gestures from the Influence. Picking up these gestures – whether from the environment or from a living carrier of Divine Influence – requires unlearning.

“We must unlearn the habit of perceiving the world in gross, strictly linear terms and our own biased views [which are] based on neuroses, misconceptions, judgements and projections. Then we can begin to see for ourselves that [the Divine] does not live in the sky, but is immanent in all of Creation, and, for our purposes in sadhana, in the human body…

“In order to recognize Divine Influence, one must shift perceptions from the worldly domain of ‘consensus reality’ into the subtle domain of real feeling and intuitive knowing in the slowly awakening, divine instrument of the human body.”

And we arrive grateful at our majestic, humbling practice, granting us stable ground, spacious interior, and awakening insight, now, in this body.

May we shift into the subtlest domain of intuition, and receive our gestures from the Influence. May we practice periods of silence, so our words have meaning, and may we keep our word when it comes to our own healing. No matter what type of work we do, keeping our self-care promise is a high teaching that affects every strata of our daily being.

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