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An Internal Coalition by Elena Brower 2022, 10x12_-Low Res

Art Prints by Elena Brower

A new exhibit of original works, “All Directions Inward” is now on view in Santa Fe. Available for purchase: a selection of prints of those pieces, signed by hand on 8.5x11" Moab Entrada Rag 300gsm. Art shop is on pause and will re-open on December 19th, 2022.

Custom prints available, please email for more info.


Beam Paints x Elena Brower

Evening Star and Sunrise Ceremony Palettes
In collaboration with Beam Paints and PFG Mercantile, this veg tanned case holds 6 paintstones with room for a travel brush or a small pencil. Each set purchased benefits the Ojibwe Foundation. Sunrise Ceremony: Beachsand, Dreamers Gold, Beach Rose. Evening Star: Great Ocean, Robins Egg, Lavender. Code EB2022 means 15% off: all proceeds from the sales of these paints goes to


Herbal Face Food

This is the most potent skincare product on the market, no exaggeration. I use the Serum and the Cure under my moisturizing oils twice daily; skin is completely reset, resurfaced and revitalized. Herbal Face Food isn’t magic, it’s simply the best of plant science at work. No fillers, no chemicals, packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that heal your skin at the cellular level from the outside in. And code ELENA20 means 20% off for you, anytime you order.


Perceptive Parenting

Our children are a vital source of creativity and future vision. This course will help you reconnect to yourself so you can connect to them differently, and be the parent you've always dreamed of being.


Engaged Mentorship

Defining and refining our individual and collective initiatives and intuition, for Mentorship 2023 we engage deeply: with ourselves, our healing, our families, our creativity, our work and our activism. Expect enriching monthly Live Gatherings and a virtual library full of learnings, practices and teachings gleaned from luminaries in the areas of creativity, innovation, indigenous intelligence, climate healing, business and tech wisdom.


Sunlighten Saunas

Sitting in an infrared sauna is a beneficial practice; from skin health to heart health, from digestive clarity to muscular support, the infrared technology is soothing to both body and mind. Mention my name to receive a significant discount on your sauna, and read this blog to learn a bit more about why I love Sunlighten.



Meticulously formulated, fusing Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, Phyto Nectars are plant and mushroom extracts in four blends: I AM RESILIENT, to support your immune system and reduce fatigue. I AM RESTED, to calm your nervous system and improve your sleep. I AM RADIANT, to support skin health and help you glow. I AM FOCUSED, for your concentration and full clarity. Each sachet is packed full of goodness, easy (just mix with warm water or milk of your choice) and absolutely delicious. Code ELENA means 15% off your first order.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky

Now more than ever, we need to slow down and rest, and yet for most of us this isn't always easy. In Jillian Pransky's upcoming Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, you'll explore the science and art of rest and relaxation through restorative yoga, so you can learn to design practices that support personal and collective healing. This 90-hour training—which includes modules from guest teachers Hala Khouri, Dr. Gail Parker, Tracee Stanley, Lisa Weinert, and Dr. Christiane Wolf—starts February 1-24. Use code ELENARESTORES to save $150 on tuition.


Taking Refuge

Come home to yourself in this January online immersion, taught by one of my personal mentors, Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD. Are you overwhelmed by the demands on your attention? Are you longing for relief from the perpetual state of digital distraction? Do you feel constantly pulled in a thousand directions? Too easily triggered? You are not broken; you just need refuge. This immersion will explore how you can find your own special refuge in the midst of your busy your life through asana, pranayama, and Restorative yoga.


Laszlo Lab Coat

Two words: deep pockets. Also generous fit, 100% cotton canvas, pre-shrunk and garment dyed for a deliciously vintage laundered look and unexpected coziness and comfiness. Wear with a belt like a robe, or as an open coat. Made in Los Angeles. Code EB20 means 20% off your purchase.


Sleep Domi

As a former designer of clothing and textiles, I’ve got a soft spot and a good eye for hig quality fabrications, detailing and fit. Sleep Domi sent me a gorgeous nightslip and robe set and I fell in love with their work. Lounging in their pieces is lovely; sleeping is also delicious. Code “thebigcomfy10” here means 10% off.



Designed for the harmonization of your home and space, this technology supports your body’s natural capacity to heal, mitigating the effects of EMFs, free radicals and much more. I moved mine near my desk for energy as well as water structuring. Code ELENA15 means 15% off your purchase, sitewide.


Anima Mundi Apothecary

Anima Mundi has a vast array of herbs, adaptogens, tools, tonics and elixirs and inspiration for your healing and health. My favorite most-used products are pictured: Curam (Vitamin C boost), Dream Tea, Heirloom Cacao and Moringa (in my matcha). Not pictured: Happy Belly (in my dressings and shakes), Blue Lotus Tea (heaven, just trust you’ll love it if you love herbal tea) and Protection Myst (ethically sourced Palo Santo Mist for every day).


Tasha Rose Herbals

I consider Tasha Rose a teacher to me; her infrequent emails are packed with education, and her products are all hand-made in the USA from her home in Los Angeles. Regularly you’ll find me swigging her Nettles, Victory Elixir, Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider. For immune health, natural minerals, delicious soothing of throat and respiratory system when there’s a tickle, Tasha’s products are always around and ready for my family.


Lotus Wei

For almost two decades, using Lotus Wei along with my essential oils boosts my mood, purifies my space, and fortifies my body. Flower essences are liquid infusions of wild flowers that contain the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers' life-force, instantly impacting your state of mind and enhancing your energy. New scents have elevated Lotus Wei to new heights: Sacred Heart, Sacred Awareness, and Divine Within; Mists and Elixirs are perfect gifts.



Pronounced “element”, LMNT is our go-to electrolyte source, giving your body the tastiest, most efficient hydration with elemental compounds: 1000 mg sodium, 200mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium, LMNT can help prevent and eliminate headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, sleeplessness, and other symptoms of electrolyte deficiency. Also, don’t miss the Chocolate Caramel Salt in hot water; for surprisingly delicious hot chocolate vibes…



A great gift for anyone in your life who is working on getting and staying well, AG1 is the most efficient way to get your high-quality vitamins, minerals, whole-food sourced superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens to help you start your day wisely, In ONE scoop. Support your gut health,
nervous system, immune system, energy, recovery, focus, and healthy aging.



Our energy and longevity depends on efficient metabolic function, consistent movement and meditation to clear your mind. For all three, the MetaPWR system is one of my daily non-negotiables when it comes to optimizing my body. doTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage collagen has become a daily mid-morning ritual, helping my body sail through menopause and beyond with energy and an unmistakable metabolic boost.


Clevr Blends

These blends have completely upleveled my mid-mornings. Especially on the road, instead of traveling with several ziplocs of matcha or cacao, coconut powder, honey and spoons, now I just carry one bag of Clevr and their rehargeable frother for the most delicious, nourishing warm (or iced if you like) drink in moments, just by adding water.



When you shop with Bookshop, each purchase you make from my meticulously curated lists benefit a small bookseller. I read, a LOT, and have compiled lists of overall faves each year, books to learn about Zen, Parenting, Poetry, Writing and Art, Inspiration for Daily Living as well as Leadership and Business. Affiliate earnings go to Girls on Fire Leaders, Free Food Kitchen and On The Inside.


Yogi Doli

Whether you’ve got kids in your world or wish to learn anatomy along with the layers of Katonah Yoga theory, the Yogi Doli is an unexpected delight. Full of adorable, accurately proportionate stuffed organs in bright colors that will fascinate even the oldest kids, dear teacher Nevine Michaan has created what will undoubtedly become an education sensation.


Living Libations

Many moons have I been using various Living Libations products, from Nadine’s tongue scraper to Gum Gel, Rose Honey Mask, Moccasin Flower Scent, Sea Buckthorn oil, Blue Chamomile and more. Superb quality products, locally made in Canada, with deep reverence for Nature.


Max and Me

Max and Me is based out of Vienna, created by dear friends of mine who use their hands and hearts to craft their products. I love their Intuitive spray, Serenity Mask and Wash, all of their Body Oils and their Ceremonial Bath Mask, which I’m rationing so it lasts a long time. Decadent, natural, healing products I’ve loved and used for many years.


Monastery Made

Living at altitude, my skin has different needs for hydration. Monastery Attar is a heavenly scent, layered over Monastery Flora Serum, layered over my Herbal Face Food Serum I (see above). This seems to do wonders. One bottle of Attar lasts 6-8 months, Flora about 4-6 months. Well worth the investment - my skin is happy and hydrated. With my link below, you’ll have 20% off your first order.


Every Mother Counts x Clare V

Benefit Every Mother Counts with this gorgeous, cozy sweatshirt celebrating freedom, equality and motherhood. Emphasis on the COZY. 


Ethel Studio: Zero-waste Meditation Tools

These zero-waste zafus and zabutons and eye pillows and more are all made from rescued fabric scraps by Ethel Studio. I'm smitten. Small company, woman-owned, localized manufacturing, supporting our practices of meditation and rest. 


The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck

Finally, a gorgeous, enriching, inspiring deck with women of all colors, celebrating the wild and sacred feminine in all of us. Aside from Daily Ceremony (2nd Edition coming in 2023), this is my favorite deck of 2022. 

As an affiliate for several different brands listed here, I may earn a commission. A portion of commissions earned is directed toward Girls on Fire Leaders, Free Food Kitchen and On The Inside.