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An Internal Coalition by Elena Brower 2022, 10x12_-Low Res

Signed Art Prints

From original works, a selection of signed prints on 8.5x11" Moab Entrada Rag 300gsm.


Herbal Face Food

The most potent skincare, Herbal Face Food is pure plant science; no fillers, no chemicals, packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to heal your skin at the cellular level. Serum II under my moisturizing oils twice daily, The Cream is perfect for sunny days, The Soap is great for teens and combination skin. Reset, resurface and revitalize your skin. Code ELENA30 means 30% off.


Sunlighten Saunas

Sitting in an infrared sauna is of benefit for your skin, heart, digestion and muscular support. Infrared technology is deeply soothing to body and mind. Mention my name to receive a significant discount on your sauna, and read this blog to learn more.


Perceptive Parenting

Our children are a vital source of creativity and future vision. This course reconnects you to yourself so you can be the parent you've always wished to be.


Engaged Mentorship

Defining and refining our initiatives and intuition, for Mentorship 2024 we engage with self, creativity, activism and family. Enriching Live Gatherings, a vibrant community and a curated library await you.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

In Jillian Pransky's Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, explore the science and art of rest through restorative yoga. Learn to design practices supportive of personal and collective healing. Use code ELENA150 to save $150.


Daily Ceremony Deck

With a curated selection of words to guide your day, the Daily Ceremony deck invites you to select a card to receive the teaching of your chosen word in your own way. Connect to your intuitive clarity with a swift, simple dose of ceremony. Use code GIFTGUIDE23 to save $10.

Cannonball Swimwear Elena Brower

Cannonball Swimwear

Handmade by a dear friend, each piece is reversible and made from recycled ocean plastic; Cannonball Swimwear is a favorite for swimsuits that last. One swimsuit is actually four suits, turning each piece inside out means you only need one suit for traveling. Good for your creativity, good for the earth. Code ELENA10 means 10% off your order.


Sleep Domi

As a former designer of clothing and textiles, I’ve got a soft spot and a good eye for high quality fabrications, detailing and fit. Lounging in their pieces is lovely; sleeping is equally delicious. Code “loveelena” means 10% off.



Designed for the harmonization of your home and space, this technology supports your body’s natural capacity to heal, mitigating the effects of EMFs, free radicals and much more. I moved mine near my desk for energy as well as water structuring. Code ELENA means 20% off your purchase, sitewide.


Anima Mundi

With a vast array of herbs, adaptogens, tools, tonics and elixirs and inspiration for your healing and health, Anima Mundi is all over our home. Most-used products: Curam (Vitamin C boost), Dream Tea, Heirloom Cacao and Moringa in matcha. Not pictured: Happy Belly (in my dressings and shakes), Blue Lotus Tea (heaven) Matcha powder (ceremonial grade) and Protection Myst (ethically sourced Palo Santo Mist for every day). Code elena15 means 15% off. 


Tasha Rose Herbals

I consider Tasha Rose a teacher to me; her emails are packed with education, and her products are all made in her home in California. Regularly you’ll find me swigging her Nettles, Victory Elixir, Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider. For immune health, natural minerals, delicious soothing of throat and respiratory system when there’s a tickle, Tasha’s products are always around and ready for my family.


Lotus Wei

For two decades, using Lotus Wei along with my essential oils boosts my mood, purifies my space, and fortifies my body. Flower essences are liquid infusions of wild flowers that contain the bioenergetic imprint of the flower's life force, alleviating your state of mind and enhancing your energy. New scents have elevated Lotus Wei to new heights: Sacred Heart, Sacred Awareness, and Divine Within; Mists and Elixirs are perfect gifts.


Banyan Botanicals Adaptogenic Lattes

Deep, nourishing self-care is delicious with Banyan Botanicals’ Ayurvedic creamy Ashwagandha Latte and golden Turmeric Milk. Both beverages are created with adaptogenic herbs that supply the body with grounded energy and support a natural resilience to stress. I make my Ashwaganda Latte with almond or hazelnut milk, drinking it about an hour or two prior to bed to drift off into deep, dreamy sleep. Use code Elena at checkout to receive a free drink mix when you buy two.



Pronounced “element”, LMNT is our go-to electrolyte source, giving your body the tastiest, most efficient hydration with elemental compounds. LMNT can help prevent and eliminate headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, sleeplessness, and other symptoms of electrolyte deficiency. Also, Chocolate Caramel Salt in hot water for hot chocolate vibes. Click below to receive a sample pack of varied flavors as a gift with your purchase. 



For anyone working on staying well, AG1 is an efficient way to get your high-quality vitamins, minerals, whole-food sourced superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens to start your day wisely, in ONE scoop. Support gut health, nervous system, immune system, energy, recovery, focus, and healthy aging. Click below to receive travel packs and Vitamin D as a gift.



Our energy and longevity depends on efficient metabolic function, consistent movement and meditation to clear your mind. For all three, the MetaPWR system is a daily non-negotiable to optimize my body. doTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage Collagen with NMN is a daily mid-morning ritual, one of the supplements for all ages, granting us energy and an unmistakable metabolic boost. Click below to receive free education along with your purchase.


Sleep and Glow

With a unique design to keep your face smooth and supple, the Sleep and Glow pillow is a brilliant innovation. Wonderful for side sleepers, code Elena15 means 15% off.



Kroma's Matcha is how I begin most days, in the late morning. Frothy and delicious, Kroma provides sustained energy throughout the day. Their 5-day Resets have been part of my life for a few years now when I need a recalibration. Code ELENA15 means 15% off for you.



Aizome’s vision is to create purely plant-based fabrics of exceptional quality. When co-founder Michel’s mother’s cancer treatments caused her skin to become extremely sensitive, her doctor explained the irritation was likely caused by synthetic dye in the harsh chemicals embedded in the fibers of her bedding. Aizome’s commitment is to purity in our bedding, where we spend so much of our time. To learn more about the therapeutic properties of Aizome sheets, watch this short video.


Journey Box

This traveling speaker holds a glorious soundbath on a tiny microchip, inviting you to take this soundbath everywhere you go, no connections required. Lasts for hours, perfect for nidra rest, sleep, or morning time; my favorite is to play it first thing, prior to connecting into work flow. Code Elena10 means 10% off for you.



When you shop with Bookshop, each purchase you make from my meticulously curated lists benefit a small bookseller. I read, a LOT, and have compiled lists of overall faves each year, books to learn about Zen, Parenting, Poetry, Writing and Art, Inspiration for Daily Living as well as Leadership and Business. Affiliate earnings go to Girls on Fire Leaders, Free Food Kitchen and On The Inside.


Living Libations

Many moons have I been using various Living Libations products, from Nadine’s tongue scraper to Gum Gel, Rose Honey Mask, Moccasin Flower Scent, Sea Buckthorn oil, Blue Chamomile and more. Superb quality products, locally made in Canada, with deep reverence for Nature.


Max and Me

Max and Me is based out of Vienna, created by dear friends of mine who use their hands and hearts to craft their products. I love their Intuitive spray, Serenity Mask and Wash, all of their Body Oils and their Ceremonial Bath Mask, which I’m rationing so it lasts a long time. Decadent, natural, healing products I’ve loved and used for many years.


Vered Botanicals

Longtime friend and creator of handcrafted, small batch skincare, Vered is the real deal. Her Signature Scent has been a favorite forever, her Essential Eye Treatment oil is incredible and for dry winter months her Vitality Velvet Rich Facial Crème is everything. Code ELENA20 means 20% off sitewide for you.


Integrative Wellness Arts | InWella

Life is too short to spend it going from doctor to doctor without answers to your symptoms. Time to decode your body's signals with advanced functional testing, a practitioner who listens, and a results-driven plan. Fully virtual, from the comfort of home. My special offer includes over $1000 of functional testing. Click our link to schedule a complimentary chat to unpack your health concerns.