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For more a decade, Glo has been my virtual teaching and practice home, streaming high caliber classes, programs, teaching and sequencing. Spending many days and weeks mapping and preparing for my Glo classes, my aim is to offer you a strengthening, enriching personal practice in your own space. 

Release Doubt Flow

Shift your thoughts, release doubt, and open your mind. This energizing Vinyasa flow includes breathwork and a strong standing sequence to restore your mood. Practice Lunge variations, Warrior III, Dog Split, and Sun Salutations before moving to the floor for backbends, forward folds, and ab work.


Digestive Clarity Hatha

Use your breath with various twists, hip-openers, and thoughtful sequences of standing postures to help you process, digest, and release anything constricting you, whether it’s food, emotions, or thoughts. Highlights include a steady breath count throughout, Sun Salutations, Half Moon, Revolved Triangle, and Pigeon Pose.


Self Care for Yoga Teachers

As a teacher, it’s easy to let your personal practice slide. However, it’s vital to replenish the energy you give to your students, and continually evolve the guidance that you share with the world. This program was designed to provide yoga teachers with an efficient and effective method of daily self-care. Featuring nurturing movement and focused introspection, you’ll take time to experience yoga just for yourself, and amplify the wisdom of your inner voice. Reconnect with all the reasons you find joy and meaning in this practice, so you can use that energy to elevate your teaching.


Essential Practice: Yoga with Essential Oils

Including essential oils in your yoga practice can add layers of richness. Over the course of six classes, this program will show you how you can use plant essences to anchor your practice to a specific emotional state. In each class, you’ll set an intention with a suggested oil, enjoy an asana sequence focused on that intent, then meditate with a second scent to seal the effects of your practice. You’ll also gather useful information about incorporating essential oils into your life off the mat. Essential oils used: tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, frankincense, and fir.


I have been with you each morning this week, as I’ve been doing your Glo self-care series, and am appreciating all over again what a completely extraordinary teacher you are: sensitive, thoughtful,so intelligent, and with a use of imagery that is unparalleled. I just wanted to say that.

- Dani Shapiro, Bestselling Author

Thank you! I’ve been taking your yoga classes since I was 16 on Glo (I’m now 27) and you’ve helped me get through so much and find equanimity amidst the chaos of life. The Loving Yourself class has brought me home within myself again and again, words can't express my gratitude to you for your offerings.

- Abri

Meditation for Energy

Balance and refine your energy, so it resonates in harmony with your intentions and aspirations. This program is for anyone who would love to establish a consistent meditation practice that encourages physical vibrance, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Each class will begin with a simple breathing practice to help quiet and focus your mind before a gentle, guided meditation. You’ll learn to identify and direct the currents of energy in your body, so you can calibrate them for confidence in anything you do.


Morning Potential

Invite a feeling of steady, well-rounded readiness in your body as you start your day. Practice lengthening your inhalations as you move through a sequence including sun salutations, three rounds of energy-clearing breath of fire, pigeon, and bow, then rest in savasana with the feeling that every cell is alert, awake, and aware.


"I've been taking your yoga and meditation classes via Glo 5-6x/week for the past several years. Your teachings greatly helped me to get through a very challenging time, and every time I rolled out my mat I was filled with so much gratitude for you. My gratitude for you and your insights/teachings continues, as I settle onto my mat every morning. Sometimes I am tempted to try a class with a different teacher, but in the end it is always you."