Home Feels Like This

The first “aliyah” or opening of the Torah each year on Yom Kippur at the New Shul feels like I’m coming home; here we are once again, listening, learning, liberating ourselves and beginning anew. This is my piece for this year. 


Every year around this time, I think I hear the world collapsing;
unfolding, laughing, reloading, and I’m knowing that this Moon today wants her way with me

and I’m sensing that her big, beautiful showing is meant to give us a deepening sense of dignity, a dissolution of insincerity, a fresh wash of lucidity.

It’s LOVE! It’s here. It’s Amplifying, Mesmerizing;
that’s what’s making it feel so sacred, so holy, so utterly naked, so much higher
this is the part that always makes me cry each year.

Even if i haven’t really considered until now how close God is to me, I know I’m still being guided to how to receive this moment freely –
and read this map and open my highest creativity
then wrap my voice up in these words to share with you so quietly, which is how i feel them in here.

“Home is not a place. Home is a state of consciousness, where in your spirit you feel safe, held, and free.”*

Home is your forgiveness, home is your alchemy,
home is your promise, home is your empathy.

Home is your humanity, and yes, home is your family,
with their crazy and their beauty,

and home is the creation that you fashion from reality –
home is even the illusion of separation from your highest identity
and home is the place where you get to be evolutionary.

Home is touching, recognizing, greeting, embracing.
Home is seeing the depths of someone else’s true Nature.

Home is exploring, accepting, and liberating.
Home is oneness, it’s guidance, it’s listening, it’s stunning.

Today we give thanks for this invitation, for this family, for our homecoming.

*From Heart Centered Living by Pamela Kribbe

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