Honouring Fluency

Written for Yom Kippur, the Days of Awe, and my 46th turn around the Sun.

Thank you for granting us the language with which to call to you.
Thank you for inspiring us to use the words we have to own our part, light and dark,
to soften the edges and create contexts of kindness.
Thank you for making us available to receive the precious prizes of consciousness:
the insights and clarities, the steadiness and the humility that comes
when we are open and present to you.

Thank you reminding us to continue the dialogue,
mediate the polarities,
modulate our doubts and strengthen our capacities.
This is how we are learning to savour times spent in states of awe.
This is how we mitigate confusion long enough to remember to stumble,
rise up and fall into this love again, love that widens, opens, and never ends.
But keeps beginning.

Thank you for my heart. Thank you for my Mom.
Thank you for my song. Thank you for my wisdom.
Thank you for my wilderness. Thank you for my maturity.
Thank you for this silence.

1 thought on “Honouring Fluency”

  1. This is truly a beautiful piece. My father died on the Erev of Yom Kippur 16 years ago Reading this specifically for Yom Kippur made me think of him and be thankful for all he gave me and the path he helped me pursue. Thank you for sharing your writing.

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