Love Letter to 2016

Thank you, 2016. I lost my Mama this year, and gained my own trust. I learned to lead with my heart and remembered that I must practice listening, and track this sense of glimmering sweetness that’s growing. Showing me who I am, and with whom I’m surrounded; this family of friends and teachers who hold me, and heal me, and fold me, and feel me. 

Thank you for my vision that’s expanded – what seemed like an insurmountable loss was actually a profound landing in my understanding of how I’m caring. I learned that I need to be giving even more attention to how I’m sharing my states of mind because where I’m standing in myself is precisely what I’ll find in my child.

Thank you 2016 for teaching me to make form more formal, to be prompt and sure, and to keep my own word to feel safer in this world. I know now that in my simplest taking care of my family, my tribe and my team, I’m able to re-calibrate and realize my wildest dreams, and make them real.

Thank you for helping me focus on what matters: my roots, my neutral mind, my unshakable core and my high attitude, refining. Thank you for showing me how my patterns of thinking are making constant impressions on my cells, and how I fit with myself determines how I fit with anyone else.

Thank you for this invitation to resiliency, leadership and a deeper well of love. Thank you for reminding me that I am, and have always been, more than enough.

And 2017, if you’re listening, may our leaders know the meaning of the most powerful frequencies of benevolence and kindness, the only real pathways to the truest form of leadership.

3 thoughts on “Love Letter to 2016”

  1. Right on, Elena! Rad! Thank you. You rock in your neutral mind and unshakable core. Jonah is stoked to have such a mom.

  2. Hi Elena,

    What a beautiful heartfelt message. 2016 had its challenges for so many but I also choose to see the great lessons this year has ushered in. Every road bump along the way is a call to awaken to our consciously vibrant selves. Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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