On Creating Your Home Altar

I remember the first time I saw a home altar at a friend’s house; a moving tribute to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, with flowers, an image and candles near. I felt an instant connection, and that first exposure to a home altar has led to a life of more reverence and devotion than I’d ever imagined.

Altars are places of connection, serving as points of prayerful attention in my home. I have altars on my bookshelves, in my office space, my kitchen, my yoga and meditation corner, even my bathtub. With this short post, a few suggestions for how to create your own altar spaces around your home and practice spaces.

Create your own altar spaces with one or a few of these items:

Words of Wisdom:  Mantras, quotes, passages that hold meaning for you.

Family (or Soul Family) Photos:  Connecting with ancestors via images of your family, present and passed, keeps them close and reminds you of the light they’ve brought to your world.

Deities:  Whether statues (murtis) or images, if you’re inspired to keep aspirational deities close, they too can serve as reminders to stay consistent with your practices.


1 thought on “On Creating Your Home Altar”

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    I definitely want to start putting up mantras and quotes that resonate with me to keep them as reminders in daily life 🙂


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