On Meditation and Why It Matters

When filmmakers Rebecca Dreyfus and Susannah Ludwig asked me to view a piece they’d made on meditation, I had no idea my life was about to take a turn. Watching their first portrait of The Venerable Metteya, a Tibetan monk, discussing his understanding of his human mind and his relationship to meditation, catalyzed my long-awaited relationship to meditation. That one portrait has evolved into On Meditation, a series of potent short films on why we meditate, what it means, and how it helps.  Intended to reach as many millions of humans as possible, the aim is to demystify meditation and show how very easily we can each sit and locate our own healing space. Consistent meditation practice makes me more likely to slow myself down when I’m feeling reactive, and choose a loving response. It’s taught me how to value myself, be comfortable in my own skin, and to show and give more love.

This project affords me the chance to share the momentum and healing of meditation. We’ve completed the first five portraits: actor Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, Peter Matthiessen, author of The Snow Leopard, Congressman Tim Ryan, The Venerable Metteya, and I are the first five. The second five: David Lynch, Gabrielle Bernstein, and other surprises to come.

Time to fund the last five, together. Our aim is to get the completed film into hospitals (both for patients and staff), senior care homes, prisons, youth detention centers, and more. As we receive funding for our production to be completed, we’re committing matching copies for donation to such institutions, and are seeking ways in which it can serve that we’ve yet to discover.

Thank you for your practice and your presence on this uplifting, important project.

6 thoughts on “On Meditation and Why It Matters”

  1. As a volunteer facilitator for a book discussion group in Colorado prisons, I interact primarily with those who are incarcerated for life. We discuss meditation a great deal. Would be very interested in getting your video to share. Thank you

  2. I donate my time to a small group of yoga instructors who have created a free, no cost stress management system that focuses on the PTSD of US troops and veterans. I think they would benefit a great deal from meditation as well, but military men and women deal with the thought of dishonor if they admit they need help.

    I have followed Elena for a few years now and her teaches were the sole survival method from my own panic and anxiety disorders so I salute and embrace this project completely.

    Wishing you all the very best, I’m sure you will raise what you require and more.

  3. Just FYI: I had a really hard time trying to hear the older gentleman near the end due to the increased volume of the background music. I would have liked to hear what he said.
    Excited to view more of these videos though; awesome idea.

  4. As a hospital employee for over a decade, I feel that providing this film, to institutions, is such a wonderful & exciting idea!!
    Hospitals are just not conducive to healing & workers are so over stressed ..I would love to help in sharing this film with my hospital.
    Thank you for participating in this!

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