Perceptive Parenting

Our work is to feel whole so that our children have an example to follow.

Welcome to Perceptive Parenting:
Timeless Wisdom For Raising Great Humans.

Collect ideas and insights for your parenting. Determine if this Course will be of benefit to you and your family. We'll review the Modules of the Course, get clear on what's included, and share unreleased writings on parenting.


Perceptive Parenting  COURSE

Four Modules of audio content

14 short, self-paced lessons totaling roughly four hours. You may access this content as a private podcast on your phone or you may listen inside our course portal.

Custom Course Guidebook

Prompts and reflections for each lesson, plus accompanying inquiries to ask at every stage of your parenting path. 

Live Gatherings

Quarterly live, virtual gatherings for all students of the course. Elena will speak on varied topics, with guest speakers to inspire and enhance your ongoing experience of the course.

Timeless Wisdom For Raising Great Humans

Perceptive Parenting

On-demand four Module audio-based course.
Quarterly, Elena welcomes all students of Perceptive Parenting to a Live Virtual Gathering.

Mentorship students and those on Elena's doTERRA team receive a course discount.
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