Timeless Wisdom For Raising Great Humans

Perceptive Parenting

Our children are a vital source of creativity and future vision. This course will help you reconnect to yourself so you can connect to them differently, and be the parent you've always dreamed of being.


Gather insights for your parenting and be of service to your family.


Welcome to Perceptive Parenting:
Timeless Wisdom For Raising Great Humans.

You're a parent wishing to embody patience and care.
You're aiming to refine your self-awareness.

This course has taught me to listen to my children with my heart. Elena has taught me to ask more questions and stay in touch with them more consistently. And she's taught me to ask for forgiveness when I'm not the mother I want to be. This course has served as a light in the more difficult and solitary moments of my parenting journey.
- Sofia, student of Perceptive Parenting



Perceptive Parenting  COURSE

Four Modules of audio content

14 short, self-paced lessons totaling roughly four hours. You may access this content as a private podcast on your phone or you may listen inside our course portal.

Custom Course Guidebook

Prompts and reflections for each lesson, plus accompanying inquiries to ask at every stage of your parenting path. 

Live Gatherings

Quarterly live, virtual gatherings for all students of the course. Elena will speak on varied topics, with guest speakers to inspire and enhance your ongoing experience of the course.

Bonus Content

Ongoing interviews with esteemed authors and other parents who've inspired my journey


Perceptive Parenting

Our work is to feel whole so that our children have an example to follow.


Perceptive Parenting COURSE

Three Modules plus one Bonus Module on Conversations and Ideas, for parents of kids ages 3-30. 

Module I focuses on your INNER world.

This module opens up prompts and practices of focusing on yourself in deliberate ways, relating to your interior world, touching in with your purpose, your capacity to stay steady and on task with yourself and in broader contexts. This is precisely how you become an example for your family, balancing your own self-sustenance in the context of your parenting.

Module II focuses on your capacity to tune into the OTHER.

Here we learn to offer empathy from a deep well of inner focus, which offers us a magical skill - the skill of creating effective, connected relationships with your children. The lessons in this module help you and your child(ren) learn how to attune, empathize and authentically connect in real time. 

Module III focuses on your capacity to relate to the OUTER, the world around you.

Learn to see the ways in which the systems of your life overlap and interact, to learn how to anticipate contextual needs and manage complexity well. Learn how you and your child(ren) can tune into the larger context of your household, stay in clear communication and experience easeful flow in your daily life together.

Our duty as parents is to feel whole, so our children have a clear example of self-worth.

In this Course:

You'll connect with yourself. Learn what it means to deeply respect yourself in order to maintain a quality of lightness and levity in your household. 

You'll connect with your child(ren). Practice offering respect in the face of disrespect to rewire your family's ways of communicating. 

You'll connect with tools and strategies to help your family thrive and stay authentically connected.


And you’ll learn:

How to reduce reactivity and inspire your family to communicate with more respect and kindness.

How to re-parent yourself: practice offering yourself and your child(ren) the care and mutuality you wished you'd have received as a child.

How to elevate the conversation everyday within your heart and your household.

Plus these bonus sessions:


Investing in Intimacy with Carrie-Anne Moss

Investing in intimacy when they're young, so intimacy (in varied forms) is present when they're older. How we talk to our teens becomes their inner voice. Practices of self-empathy, acknowledging moments of struggle. Teaching our kids that they're not responsible for our (or anyone else's) feelings. Parenting as if we're being observed. Breaking cycles, choosing to grow. Nature as your best mentor for parenting.


On appropriate autonomy with Dr. Christopher Willard

On the wisdom and science of thriving children by granting your kids appropriate autonomy at every stage. For parents of kids ages 2-20, this is an invaluable and brief gloss on empowering ourselves and our kids.


On helping our kids feel seen with Jennifer Wallace

On what we can do to help our kids feel seen, appreciated, purposeful and part of a picture in which they matter. On the importance of untangling self-worth from achievement, for ourselves and for our kids.


A Day in The Life on Scheduling

When Elise asked me about "a day in the life of my parenting" I decided to meet with her, to aim us toward a response, steeped in reality and the chapters of parenting from young babies/toddlers to older kids. May this short, truthful conversation, with a screen share of my calendar, be useful for you and your family in creating the flow of your days. - Elena


Conscious Classroom Yoga with Stacy Hemingway

From control to connection, learning self-regulation builds our capacity for understanding. As self-awareness grows, so does our scope of choice. Learn with Stacy Hemingway, founder of Conscious Classroom Yoga, about her work, her incredible guide, wonderful for parents no regardless of yoga experience. An honor to share Stacy here.


When Kids Lie with Christine Russell

When our kids lie, they're doing what is natural; individuating, learning, growing. How we respond is key to evolving our own lineage, to bring more respect and care when things feel confusing. This enriching dialogue includes actions, questions and tools to use when managing your child lying to you.

This course is like a conversation with Elena, truly useful for decoding your family life and understanding parenting.

Elena offers ways to gently and gracefully be there for yourself and your child(ren), partner or parents. I so appreciate being able to listen and learn at my own pace to savor this.”

-A, Maryland


Finished this course and will be taking it many more times, to breathe the content deeply into my inner world.

This goes beyond being a parent; this course changes humanity from the inside out.

-N, Spain

Really loving this course.

We're having a tough time at home right now, it's been a real support to me each day to listen to one of the episodes. Thank you.


I was seeking guidance on how to find more peace and steadiness while caring and being with my child.

Feeling very alone as a first-time mother, I was far from family and friends, swimming in doubts, fears and insecurities. This work has helped me be a better mother, partner and friend. It's helped me be more consistent. Most importantly, it's helped me practice ongoing compassion, with myself and my children. Thank you, Elena.

- S, Dubai

What I've learned in the course has helped me respond instead of react, and when I do react, I am quicker to apologize or ask for a do-over.

The week before taking this course, I was having dark thoughts, feeling as though I couldn’t raise my kids and I'd failed everybody. My sister guided me to you. Upon finishing the course, I feel a significant shift in my mind and heart. I'm more patient with the kids and I’m doing my best not to yell.

Transforming and bringing into balance the “warrior” and the “healer,” I'm finding it all easier. Furthermore, ensuring I'm taking care of myself with meditation and yoga has greatly improved my parenting.


Timeless Wisdom For Raising Great Humans

Perceptive Parenting

On-demand four Module audio-based course. Quarterly, Elena welcomes all students of Perceptive Parenting to a Live Virtual Gathering.

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"This course is cracking me wide open and working on me; I'm already on my second listen. The shifts that have happened in our home make me cry to even think about them. Your course is addressing every stage, with deep wisdom for my 11 and 13 year old for the years to come. I'm soaking it in, since you're a few years ahead of us.

As a parent educator, I can sometimes get so confused trying to improve my parenting skills. These teachings have grounded me, showing me blind spots I've been needing to look at for so long. I'm now responding in a way that I always prayed about and hoped for but, for some reason, could never quite get under the reactivity. I'm asking for feedback at bedtime, pointing out the moments where my son is only thinking about his perspective and inviting him to look at his sister's (or my) perspective to invite a solution for the big picture.

I'm now making amends for imposing unnecessary punishment like taking screens away when I know it never really works to change my kids. I calmly intervene when the siblings get physical with one another. Instead of shouting and making threats, your teachings have shown me a different way. The other day I said, "Guys, you both know there is no punishment that will fix this between you. It has to come from within you. I love you two, you are best friends; you are the only two that will be able to work this out and start handling your conflict differently."

And the best part: I'm minding my own damn business more. Looking back, I can see without judgement how much nagging I was doing (I say this with total compassion), and am now focusing more on myself and allowing them to develop their innate emotional intelligence."

- J, Nashville

This course has shown me that I can offer more spaciousness to my kids, and trust in their capacity to figure things out even when things are hard for them. You've also taught me to ask what I can do better, how to have the hardest conversations, and how to offer respect even when I feel disrespected.

It was so important to hear you speak on your recovery and your transparency with Jonah in your process, as well as your journey and work with your anger. This course has also reminded me that my children are human beings, people with their own feelings and thoughts, just as important as mine.

Perhaps most importantly, this course has inspired me to bring more curiosity and joy to my home. I will be conscientious of my stance whenever my children and I come into contact, to offer a grounded, stable, centered, loving mother to these precious children. I will also continue to practice consistent self-care to serve as a model for them as they grow older. I will be listening and re-listening to these Modules for many months to come. Thank you.

-L, Pennsylvania

Before I began this course, I felt as though I was becoming my mother. My reactions felt and sounded like hers. I spent an entire week diving in, and now am reading the books you've recommended. There are so many helpful aspects as I re-listen to refresh my mind. In your stories about the way in which these behaviors are passed down subconsciously, I feel much less alone. You're helping me see that everything can shift, slowly. That I can change, and things in my home can change. My husband came back from his trip and also listened, so now we're on the same page. It's been two weeks since my first listen and I'm seeing a big difference in my parenting. I know I'm human, I know I'll make mistakes. But this course showed me how to apologize, reset, even do things over, and it's all made a tremendous shift in our home.



Collect ideas and insights for your parenting and ask questions to determine if this Course will be of benefit to you and your family.



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