Perspective Shifting

Thank you A.L. for this; may it help us all.


“I just had an event that happened at my house that made me think of a Facebook post you had a little while ago.

My son got himself a drink of juice then put the container back in the fridge without the top on tight, causing juice to spill all over the fridge. He immediately got scared. What normally would have happened is I would have gotten angry, yelled. He would be more upset and cry. My husband would have gotten upset. We probably would have ended up fighting. My son would be left feeling horrible and then I would have enormous guilt. Our night would have been ruined.

Because of your honesty and wonderful teachings, I was able to take a breath and calmly tell him it’s ok and to go watch tv while I cleaned up. My husband then came out and didn’t react, just helped me clean up. Now we are continuing to have a peaceful Friday night. It could have been so different.

Thank you for all you do. So much gratitude for your light.”

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