Practice You PODCAST

Content and conversations for times of transition and change.

Join me in discussion with renowned luminaries and dear friends to explore life's myriad transitions, our understandings and our responses. What does it mean to be present, to shift our perceptions, to engage with the world meaningfully, with dignity and care? With respect for the ancient practices and the modern wisdom that continue to inform and elevate our exchanges, each episode is an invitation to Practice You.

Listened to your interview with Roshi Joan Halifax (outstanding!), and your interview with Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde (also outstanding!). Will queue up Gabor and Ruth King for the drive home tomorrow. Thank you for pairing your voice and perspective in these wise conversations, elena. You are clear and bright. -R.


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Refreshing in the podcast space. Every episode leaves me feeling spacious, calm, at ease, and both delighted and moved by the world. Elena, you’re always so stunningly articulate and gracious. Thank you for this offering. May it never end.


THE PRACTICE YOU PODCAST with elena brower

Episode 194: Cynthia Redhead

On presence, living on a prayer, devotion and what it means to pause.

Episode 193: Ash Johns

On prioritizing our connections with our ancestors as a way to elevate our work and the quality of our present relations.

Episode 192: Emily Wright

On empowering women in business, prioritizing integrity and creating a global movement.

Episode 191: Sara Szal Gottfried, MD

On the causes of, and possible solutions for, autoimmune struggles. On resolving the trauma signature so many of us carry.

Episode 190: Mark Matousek

On resilience, via the wisdom of our ancestor Ralph Waldo Emerson. Seeing our character reflected in our opinions of the world. Shifting our lens to acknowledge our uniqueness, practicing surmounting our subjectivity in order to steep ourselves in reality as it is with empathy, equanimity and insight.

Episode 189: Seraphina Capranos

From the wild edge of intuition, women’s health, inner presence and full embodiment, a peek inside the hearts of wise, engaged women.

Episode 188: Kemi Nekvapil

On redefining power, living and leading without apology, spacious parenting and the perceptions holding us back.

Episode 187: Koshin Paley Ellison

On the unexpected places of practice in our lives, the freedom of rigor, and the wisdom of closing the chasm between our values and our actions.

Episode 186: Yael Schonbrun PhD

On shifting the way we perceive our capacities as humans and as parents, focusing on relational connection and possibility.

Episode 185: Mia Maestro

On the Way of Tea, the practice of service, the meaning of presence and the medicine of silence.

Episode 184: Osprey Orielle Lake

On the ecological, mythical and cultural understandings that shape our history of extraction and exploitation, and how one conversation can truly make a difference in our future.

Episode 183: Stephen Jenkinson and Kimberly A. Johnson

On death, grieving, service, and releasing our fixation on redemption.

Episode 182: Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde

On fostering spiritual kinship and community, a plea to stay in the fold of love and civility, and recipes to fortify the truth of our interbeing.

Episode 181: Dani Shapiro

On the signals transmitted across generations, the evolution of secrets, and the resonances felt through timelines and dimensions.

Episode 180: Lisa Odenweller

On the power of food as medicine to transform your body, your mind and your health.

Episode 179: Emilio Diez Barroso

On ceasing the pursuit of our hierarchical notions of success; turning the light inward for true connection and care.