Practice You PODCAST

Content and conversations for times of transition and change.

Join me in discussion with renowned luminaries and dear friends to explore life's myriad transitions, our understandings and our responses. What does it mean to be present, to shift our perceptions, to engage with the world meaningfully, with dignity and care? With respect for the ancient practices and the modern wisdom that continue to inform and elevate our exchanges, each episode is an invitation to Practice You.

Listened to your interview with Roshi Joan Halifax (outstanding!), and your interview with Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde (also outstanding!). Will queue up Gabor and Ruth King for the drive home tomorrow. Thank you for pairing your voice and perspective in these wise conversations, elena. You are clear and bright. -R.


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Refreshing in the podcast space. Every episode leaves me feeling spacious, calm, at ease, and both delighted and moved by the world. Elena, you’re always so stunningly articulate and gracious. Thank you for this offering. May it never end.


THE PRACTICE YOU PODCAST with elena brower

Episode 66: Chloé Valdary

On transcending our instincts, practicing what scares us, seeing where we coincide, and choosing our state.

Episode 65: Erin Douglas

Erin is a travel, culture and lifestyle documentary photographer, creative culture consultant, writer and founder of Black Burner Project.

Episode 64: Pixie Lighthorse

On connecting to Nature, our wisest innermost council, and our deepest compassion.

Episode 63: Jeff Burroughs

On the past as fuel for the future, the realities of race, and the magic of making records

Episode 62: April Dawn Harter

On racism recovery as psychological, individual and collective healing.

Episode 61: Jesse Johnson

On scarcity in schools, committing to our edification, wealth as activism, and standing back to back as we heal.

Episode 60: Nadine McNeil

On the voyage of service, what still needs our attention, connecting to Mother Earth, and majestic remembrance

Episode 59: Jeff Krasno

On whiteness in wellness, our responsibility, our clumsiness and our commitments.

Episode 58: Kiese Laymon

On studentship, using your art to heal, and becoming heavy enough to hold it all.

Episode 57: Biet Simkin

On choosing conscious shocks, conscious suffering and crystallizing your commitment to daily bliss.

Episode 56: Toko-pa Turner

On belonging, dreamwork, and welcoming aging as a privilege.

Episode 55: Seane Corn

On the perpetual revolution of the soul, with the one and only Seane Corn.

Episode 54: Paavo Siljamäki

On music as medicine, listening carefully, and the relevance of surrendering.

Episode 53: Laura McKowen

On the road to sobriety, the questions we need to ask, and the ways we need to listen.

Episode 52: Sierra Campbell

On intentional death and dying, elder and hospice care, and the conversations we need to have to help our elders die beautifully.

Episode 51: IN-Q

On poetry that transforms our ways of seeing, listening and being.