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Listen to a special interview with Melissa Ambrosini

In this episode we chat about:
How Elena got to where she is today and how she learned to love herself (04:40)
Conscious parenting and how to lead by example (09:00)
How blended families can co-parent with grace (11:50)
Why treating your children like an adult is imperative for their growth (14:16)
Why lying to your children will break their respect (14:50)
Why compassion is the key to self-love (16:35)
How to love yourself (17:32)
The breath exercise to rock your daily practice and amp up your self-love (22:52)
How to bust through limiting beliefs and how to re-write your fear-based stories (27:28)
What the powerful ‘miracle practice’ is and why it’s imperative to conscious creation (27:50)
Why our children are not ‘ours’, why we can not control them, and why letting them make mistakes is key to their expansion and growth (37:00)
The importance of vulnerability in all our relationships (and how to embody this sacred quality) (43:00)

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