Practice You Live 2019

Ask questions, invite clarity, create meaningful practices, and author our prayerful reality for the coming year.

Your gorgeous downloadable PDF guide for your process is linked below.

Looking forward to serving you as we welcome the fresh energy of the new year.


3 thoughts on “Practice You Live 2019”

  1. Hi Elena,
    just purchased your beatiful deck of “practice you”cards today & adore them!
    thank you so much for creating such an amazing visuallystunning heartfelt gift to share with us.
    Much love& light to you

  2. Lisa Jill Levitin

    Thank you Elena. This was amazing and impactful. Happy New Year!
    I have a question:
    You mentioned about getting your cortisol levels taken. Where do you go and who do you recommend to see for evaluations for this and also other health and wellness?

    Thank You Kindly,

  3. I needed this like a lake needs water! Thank you. I look forward to the podcast. I am going on retreat. I am practicing me starting now.

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