December 2024 | Playa Guiones, Costa Rica

Innermost Wisdown


give yourself CREATIVE SPACE

Your creativity benefits greatly from a change of scenery, focused vision and ample time to dream. Our Creative Clarity Retreat is intimate and specialized. Join us in 2023.


Practice yoga with me in the mornings, and in the afternoons, brainstorm your upcoming project, ideate your next steps toward brand refinement, and experience Michelle's wisdom within the vast virtual arena. On certain afternoons, learn from Michelle on certain topics; other times you'll have the chance to work directly with us on your site copy, bio, schedule and more.

A note to express thanks

"The teachings you shared, the pacing and flow of our practice, the nature-rich environment we were lucky to be immersed in for a week - all of it - created the space for deep inner listening. I will be carrying the benefits of this practice with me into my days…. heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful work you choose to share with others."

-S, Boston

The time I spent learning from you last week is invaluable.

"I feel different inside and out. Everything is stability is a mindset and a mantra I have taken with me; I'm going to carry it in my heart. I'd been a student of yours for years, from a physical distance. To now have in-person consecutive days of learning from you in my mind, body, and soul - is a blessing and a gift I will forever cherish."

- Kerry