Engaged Mentorship

The crux and center of Engaged Mentorship is our monthly Live Gathering, a focused time to come together, write, learn, listen and practice. 

Curating wisdom from leaders and luminaries, our Gatherings intend to help you engage with your priorities and refine your offerings in the world. 

In our evolving Mentorship library, expect Guest Experts, Member Spotlights, Tech Trainings and more; consider spending about an hour weekly to dive in, take notes, craft your own innovative ideas and apply what you learn to your life.

Mentorship feels like home.

And I don't say that lightly. I've absorbed so many offerings that truly align with my business, my goals for interacting with myself, and my hopes for a more seamless and easeful way of living.


What I have found in this past year is my own personal sovereignty. The effects are beyond my most wild imagination.

I have always been drawn to your exquisite balance of elegance, devotion and attention. These are not words to me. They are inspirational expressions of how to be divinely human. When you're long awaited mentorship program opened, I was elated. I desired a place where I could feel both safe and encouraged all at once. As I mentioned in a summer gathering with Michelle and Zane this portal provided me with an opportunity to have a ‘quiet cup of tea with my soul.’

I am claiming my sovereignty as a woman, a spiritual vessel, a mother and a human. What I tolerate is diminishing. My tendency to martyr is falling away and each time I sell one of my services the money is a portal for my light to expand more. Gratitude does not seem big enough for how much I love you and what you bring to this world.


Mentorship is a gift to yourself

I am a trained teacher professionally and Elena's leadership in Mentorship is a blessing. She is a class act and has an incredible, professional manner in her leadership.


Mentorship feels like a home that I can come back to.

The themes are both personal and universal. This is the first time that I’ve been able to stick with and integrate a course. Elena breaks down transformation in small, practical ways that effortlessly support your evolution. I’ve made life long friends through this ever-evolving community. What you put into mentorship, you will see tenfold.


The Mentorship has become a sweet little gem in my life - one I look forward to each month.

I’ve watched all the interviews with guest experts, did some very deep and healing work during the Live Gatherings, and have even become part of a small accountability group with two other members that I did not know prior to signing up. I’ve taken up watercolor painting completely b/c of Elenas encouragement to enjoy being a creative being. I’ve read almost every book that has been suggested and now do not know how I even existed on this planet without knowing Hiro Boga, Professor G, Day Schildkret, Octavia Raheem, Joan Halifax, Pamela Miles, Brianna Wiest, and of course, Yung Pueblo.


Being in the mentorship has shifted and stabilized my life.

Being in the mentorship has shifted and stabilized my life in so many enriching and beautiful ways, words cannot express. Deep bow to you, your practices, for Michelle, and for your deep listening.


Your wise attention is woven throughout the pages.

Thank you for the time and caring you always put into the monthly documents for Mentorship.


Engaged Mentorship is your space for guidance and growth.

In our ongoing membership portal, expect teachings and community to support your personal and professional expansion.

Explore tools, training and community to support and nourish your personal and professional expansion. Experience profound Live Gatherings with me every month. Tune into respected Guest Experts. Enjoy our community forum where you'll be able to connect with one another and share your thoughts between live sessions. Explore a growing library of potent, curated video teachings to fortify your transformation.

You belong here: creatives, healers, professionals, students, householders, founders, owners.

Inside Engaged Mentorship

Live Gatherings with me each month.

Our monthly Live Gathering includes a blend of a talk, writing prompts, sometimes a guest, and once quarterly, a physical yoga practice.

Over 150 videos and trainings

An ever-growing library of curated teachings to fortify yourself. Experience tools and community for your personal and professional clarity. Learn new ways and perspectives to lead your life with elegance.

Community Forum

Enjoy our community forum where you'll be able to connect with one another and share your thoughts between live sessions.

Member Discounts

Special rates on upcoming and on-demand trainings with me.


Thank you for pouring this into my home and my heart every month.

I had to stop everything and tell you how much I love your Mentorship. Because it is beautiful - as is all you do - and because it CHANGES my behavior and my thinking. The people you involve are wise, influential thought-leaders from whom we will all continue to learn.


I am so grateful for the devotion you both have to your own personal and professional growth, as well as the communities you serve.

Through your guidance and teachings, you have both truly made a difference in my world. I am more open, compassionate to myself and others (with healthier boundaries), and have a clarity and focus that I experience with clearer eyes. My heart's work in the world as a therapist and yoga instructor, friend, partner, daughter, and auntie is needed, and I am blessed to see that with a full heart and inspiration to live my life with purpose and grace. It's with an abundance of appreciation that I wish you both a beautiful new year ahead!


Elena’s mentorship has helped me expand and heal my relationship with myself.

Elena’s mentorship has helped me expand and heal my relationship with myself, which is echoing in the growth of my business. I am now able to see the value in my offerings,helping others through art that reflects their inner beauty. Elena’s self-inquiry prompts and facilitated group discussions create a safe space for true and lasting transformation.


Essential Mentorship offers a deep wellspring of guidance, inspiration, and life-supporting practices available anytime you wish. Videos are bite-sized, refined, and distilled down to the essence of the insights being shared. Elena’s potent teachings coupled with the wisdom and experience offered by a stellar group of guest experts makes for a resource that will keep your creativity fed, your business vibrant, and your rituals consistent.


I don't think words can really express the hope and love I have received from this mentorship.

Thank you so much for doing this mentorship program. It came at the perfect time for me as I was about to give birth when it began, and extremely close to my heart since giving birth and navigating two kiddos.

I find myself uplifted in tough moments at the simple thought of being able to quickly log-on to watch a short video. Your calm energetic vibrations have helped me many times in giving me the strength and courage to move forward in my day. Your guest speakers are obviously picked with intention and grace and are the most wonderful accompaniment to what you offer. I write this in small tears because it has been hard for me these past three months and out of sheer gratitude.


I do feel so held in this Mentorship, again a first, as I feel safe enough to be held here.

When I started this Mentorship I felt so lost, in a pretty low space. Elena, I have found such confidence in my being through this year. I have been able to find my path and my calling.  I do feel so held in this Mentorship, again a first, as I feel safe enough to be held here. Safe enough to do the work, write the words, fail, do well, celebrate and speak here. I am so happy my hubby pushed me to start, because it truly has changed my life. Thank you for creating this and for being my teacher.


Thank you for lifting me from the wave of doubts which came over me in the past week. All these tools you've created are so helpful when it comes to picking myself up and building confidence. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to dare to dream that I can earn a 5-digit salary in a month, not a year. Scary but exciting.


Elena leads with humility and a kind of raw, poetic grace that inspires endlessly.

She has given me a foundation by which to expand and leave a legacy with. Nothing feels impossible when I work with her, am heard by her and am encouraged by her. I count myself as the luckiest to call her Mentor. A true Queen.




I love the authenticity. The generosity. The combination of inspiring inner work with practical and useful business skills.

I am one of those people with the “20 years experience" in my field and I really had a HUGE "a-ha" moment when Elena spoke to that…. and asking us why we were undervaluing ourselves with that much experience! The way she spoke to it ---it literally broke something in me that I had been carrying for most of my life and I started to believe that I could break out of my self-imposed glass box. Elena, you, Desiree, Kate, and some of the others she’s had on the mentorship have been incredible supports for me as I have truly taken into ACTION what you are all saying. I think it’s because there is a feeling of trust and authenticity with everything you share- plus everything that is talked about is perfect for me.

Cordelia Sipper | empoweredhealth.net

Just when I think I’ve gained all the insight Elena has to give, there’s more.

I’m in awe of her continual ability to shift while going deeper with simple and practical guidance. This space is exactly what I look for when I want to pair dynamic vibrant leadership with beautiful heart-centered advice. Elena is the CEO and mentor we’ve always wanted but couldn’t find.

Consistently blown away by her ability to stay true to her heart essence while helping me pivot with practical, powerful action, Elena’s is the voice and heart to which I look when I need to refine the heart of my business. Her advice is simple, succinct and succulent - the subsequent shifts feel effortless yet generate powerful results.


Michelle offers tactical tips to up-level my offerings, while Elena inspires me to show up with courage and grace for my students, and myself. Love working with them both!


Loving the mentorship program; it's filled with love and so much support.

The way you've set this up will help me relaunch my current business and launch my new business. It's clear, intentional and well thought out.


Full of deep gratitude for the offering of Mentorship.

I was unable to make the call and caught the recording... Wow. Bloomin’ marvellous. Thank you so much for doing this. Already rocking my world. Everyone needs this and it's landing at just the right time.




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