Since we can't meet around the world in person to launch Being You, let’s meet here, from my home to yours.

Since the advent of digital learning, my favourite way to use our shared virtual space is to invite your analog creativity.

Explore the nuances of Being You, chapter by chapter. Each of our nine practices together include asana practice, meditation and writing in the book.  Sacred time to connect to yourself, your safety, and your deepening practice, so you can be of service to your family, your community and our world.

May this journal and our time together serve as a refuge in which to honour your experiences, to shape your life from the inside out.

Be sure you have your copy of Being You:

With each class, you're invited to inquire into your patterns, invite more tenderness to your daily life, refine your family interactions, and bring more clarity to your work, your friendships, your wellbeing. Each Session includes a comprehensive, thoughtful yoga sequence with meditation, followed by discussion, journaling prompts and Q+A. Welcome yourself to new ways of seeing, believing and being.



Chapter one: I AM

The conversation you’re having within yourself, the boundaries you cultivate, being the custodian of your inner state. 


Chapter Two: I Feel

Your emotional set points, loving your struggles, choosing what you amplify.


Chapter Three: I Do

The patterns we choose, the contradictions that grow us, choosing whom we allow into our minds.


Chapter Four: I Love

Defining love, connecting to your worth, prioritizing harmony and magnifying humility.


Chapter Five: I Speak

Your consistent inner and outer broadcast, listening with gentleness, attuning to what needs to be said.


Chapter Six: I See

Your vision, the wisdom beneath your thinking, fully giving your attention to the present moment.


Chapter Seven: I Understand

Self compassion refined, offering yourself empathy, attitudes as skills, potent recipes for healing.


Chapter Eight: I Trust

Trusting in yourself, relaxing into your gifts, transforming obstructions into teachings.


Chapter Nine: I Act

Your activism, your priorities, the risks that lead to your strengthening.

Rachel, Colorado

Absolutely love the Being You Circle. It gives me the connection I've been lacking, time carved out for me. The classes are an incredible gift, truly part of my healing journey, a highlight of my week

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Proceeds from the Practice Circle are helping feed the families of the Free Food Kitchen.






How much time should I plan to spend on the course?

Two hours for each Session, which include asana (yoga postures), meditation, discussion and journaling time. Take as long as you wish for your writing and creation outside of class.

I'm new to yoga or a beginner. Is this course right for me?

This course is for all of us. The postures will be offered with modifications, so you'll be able to follow along even if you're new to yoga.

Is there a refund policy?

Simply contact us within 2 days of purchase and we'll happily refund you in full.

Do I need any extra materials or equipment?

Just your wifi connection, a yoga mat, your Being You Journal or a notebook that inspires you, pens, paints if you wish, your enthusiasm and your willingness.

What is the cost of the course, and is there a payment plan?

Options: one payment of $299 or two payments of $150.