bestowing kindness = radiating light

In reaching for a goal of any sort, I have to keep asking myself.
What kind of kindness can I, can we, bestow upon people to manifest it?

cherish change

two motions

by A.R. Ammons

It is not enough to be willing to come out of the dark

and stand in the light,

all hidden things brought into sight, the damp

black spaces,

where fear, arms over its head, trembles into blindness,

invaded by truth-seeking light:

it is not enough to desire radiance, to be struck by

radiance: external light

throws darkness behind its brilliance, the division

nearly half and half:

it is only enough when the inner light

kindles to a source, radiates from its sphere to all

points outwardly: then, though

surrounding things are half and half with

light and darkness, all that is visible from the source

is light:

it is not enough to wish to cast light: as much

darkness as light is made that way: it is only

enough to touch the inner light of each surrounding thing

and hope it will itself be stirred to radiance,

eliminating the shadows that all lights give it,

and realizing its own full sphere:

it is only enough to radiate the sufficient light

within, the

constant source, the light beyond all possibility of night.

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