Simplify Art Class

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Invitation to creation: In our time together, you’ll create journal pages, prompts and inquiries for yourself. Expect a moment of preparatory writing, then you’ll create your pages and spaces using the medium of your choice. 

If you’re drawing: 
paper or bristol
pens, pencils, inks, crayons, markers, as you wish

If you’re painting:
paper or canvas
paints of your choosing (watercolor, acrylic, gouache)
brushes, water vessel(s) and blotting tissues / paper

If you’re collaging: 
page or stock on which to work
magazines, books from which you’re willing to source
scissors, glue stick or glue

2 thoughts on “Simplify Art Class”

  1. I am yearning to do round two.
    Honoured to be your student
    Paints, Pens, Canvas and my attention at the ready.
    Last year Simplified changed my life, my business, my relationships
    What will a second round of Miss Elena & Simplify bring to me!
    Let’s find out.

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