The Ritual of Recovery [AUDIO] :: My First Spoken Word Piece

[Featured on Rebelle Society, August 2015] When you’re 15, you’ll do almost anything to be cool, to feel a part of the world around you. A few too many tragic stories start like this, but this one turns out magically. Sitting on the ground outside my out-of-town friend’s home, hiding from her out-of-her-mind mom, smoking my way through my first, out-of-my-league joint, 1985. This exceedingly popular friend had very cute boys swirling around her, and she thought I was cute, which was not typical. I’d worn glasses up until about two months prior, and was just starting to gain the attention of boys like those. I’d have done almost anything to be part of that tribe. And it was funny, as that first time smoking so often is — hilariously, mind-bendingly funny. It was extremely out of character for me — it simply wasn’t like me to be doing the wrong thing: I only knew it seemed like the coolest thing. And because I was finally getting cool now, that night I had a date with a most handsome boy: two years older, blue-blue eyes and a clear agenda. He came to pick me up, took me for a movie, a smoke, and a make-out session […]

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