On Addiction, and Inviting Divine Guidance

[Featured in Mantra Magazine, 2015] Interview: Maranda Pleasant Maranda Pleasant:  You live in New York City. What are things you try to do every day to stay balanced in a hectic environment? Elena Brower: Meditation is a nonnegotiable must. Most days, it’s twenty minutes first thing; some days, it’s eleven or five minutes. I take a lot of very salty baths, both with Dead Sea salt and magnesium, and I sage myself and my space often. I spend time with friends a lot, even just during the days when we work together in the same space on different things. We cook and eat together with friends and usually kids at least once a week. MP:  What’s something you do at home that grounds you? EB: I have a divination ritual: every morning, I get up before everyone else and pick a card from one of the many decks I have around the house—Voyager Tarot, animal Medicine Cards, Sacred Path Cards, goddess cards, Art of Attention Yoga Healing Cards—and invite and allow the highest guidance. I also cook daily, which helps me feel rooted and right. MP:  What’s your advice for strong women? EB: Practice being soft and staying in your […]

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