Elena Brower

As of today.

Let’s make tough mornings into maps and tough afternoons into naps. Let’s make tough conversations into the right kindness and tough teachings into the only holiness. Let’s make tough evenings into deep poetry and tough nights into the soft spaces they’re meant to be. *

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Full Moon Guidance

My mission is gentleness. My hands are for healing. My eyes are for looking lovingly. My ears are for listening generously. My tongue is for speaking beautifully. My heart is for receiving spaciously. photo: Peter Turnley, C train, Mother’s Day 2014 

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Your Highest Self is Calling

This choice I’m making, I know I know better. This thought I’m creating, seems a trap, a net. This action I’m taking, should be way higher, and I can’t bridge this gap; no matter how I try. Yet. My heart knows. THIS is just my mind. We all do this – all the time. Welcome to your subconscious mind, this warehouse of experiences, thoughts and feelings; accumulating, morphing, taking on subtle charges, resolving and deepening conflicts, based on your interactions with your self and others, all the time. So who is this, then, this seeker, reading this, feeling this, knowing this, right now? “Our conscious personalities, that we like to think of as stable and constant, are merely aggregates of ideas with which we temporarily self-identify” [from Svoboda, Robert, Kundalini: Aghora II]. This “you” is a very special collection of aspects and states, those chosen to be featured at the forefront of your experience – that which is currently on exhibit, if you will. “The conscious personality is a sort of museum whose curator selects objects for display to others from the museum’s warehouse, the subconscious” [ibid, Svoboda]. The curator has selected only the most potentially popular aspects of your

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