Offered this piece at Yoga Journal LIVE at Kripalu, November 2015. If we wish to receive and hold and give and shape and mold the totality, we need to be near others who help us see the patience and the love in the lining of our soul. So we generate moments where several of us gather to experience the traction of the evolutionary force of Nature, together. We practice. We dance. We chant. We pray – as prayer is our attention and our first listening – our way of giving as well as receiving. We’re seeing more such gatherings, which bring us into a higher conversation, and keep our highest quality of communication open. That keeps us in alignment, and supportive of each others’ refinement, which keeps us learning and educated, and keeps our connections hydrated and ventilated, so the currents of learning and teaching can flow between us, unabated. This way we can all remind each other to let the greater flow in, and that there weren’t any accidents along the way. And nothing was ever broken. All our teachers, studies, understandings, hardships All our victories, phases, chapters, righteousness None of it was wasted and nothing needs to be replaced. But it […]

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