Love Letter.

Dear 2015, Grateful to have known you. Thank you for teaching me about my capacities – for love and kindness, strength and softness, incredible inappropriateness and full forgiveness. You’ve shown me that my heart is enough. You’ve granted me closeness to a partner whose willingness to evolve has informed my own evolution. You’ve helped me understand the heart of my child as a child of the Universe; I am blessed to have this hilarious healer in my own home, a creative collaborator, a superb source of light; nine years, many lifetimes old. Thank you for granting me the ability to see him and treat him respectfully. Thank you for taking me on long walks with wise leaders, putting me in touch with strong spiritual seekers, and for helping me believe I am a teacher amongst teachers. Thank you for reminding me to circle the fire, chant till I’m free, and trust that when I hear the calling, it really is for me. Thanks also for sending me the best collaborators. I’m now hooked on the feeling i have when a colleague or co-teacher contacts me and we’re aligned, right on time. It’s one of the finest gifts of this year […]

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