Whether we are creatives, musicians, running businesses, doctors, teachers, scientists, builders, clerks, writers or otherwise, devotion plays a role when we bring our best forward. Devotion here is defined as reverence. “Just as the sun’s rays vivify everything living, so does reverence in the student vivify all feelings of the soul.” Rudolf Steiner Each moment spent in that state of respect is felt through all we do. How may we cultivate devotion daily? Moving intentionally. Sitting quietly. Communicating slowly. Noting when we interrupt, and when we gracefully navigate our interactions. Granting unexpected kindnesses. Arranging ourselves with abundance in our thinking, and our loving. Orienting ourselves toward daily ritual until reverence becomes the only offering we make to ourselves, even when we falter. Remembering to respect even in the face of disrespect, until respect becomes all we offer everyone, every time, everywhere. And what if those around us seem less than reverent? Our work is to hold to our own internal devotion. This is why we keep up our practices – to keep reminders of reverence nearby, so when doubt enters our environment (our own or another’s), we can hold the space naturally and effectively until the doubt dissipates. The best […]

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