Together We Breathe.

IIN-Armosa-Studios-3Last weekend I had the honour of teaching a 10-minute Soul Stretch at the IIN Live Conference, and was moved to write this for all of us.

All together, listening – and something changes. Lulled into this fresh field of quiet understanding.
Carefully softening each others’ landings.

Hold each other close, even with respectful distance
and usher forth a new voice, bringing all the blessings with us – to acknowledge our ancestry, our lineage.

Seek the subtleties of love within the appearance of the difficult.
Love is shining in our bellies, in our glances, in our hands.
Loves like points of light, constellations over all this land

forming one image. One life, skimming slowly toward infinity.
Stay close to each other. Recognize each other’s vibrancy.


Images by Armosa Studios for IIN Live, March 2016.

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