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In our 1:1 work together, my aim is to offer you another reference point for what's possible, personally and professionally. Together we mine our shared experience to cultivate and sustain your steadiness, release perceived obstacles, and touch into your natural means of engagement with your strengths and offerings.

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What a gift it feels like to be sharing this time with you.

Just wanted to send a quick follow-up message to let you know how incredible that session was; we both feel shifted and invigorated on a whole new level. Your energy and presence are superb, unlike anyone I can remember encountering. Such a huge thanks again for your generosity and kind heart – that was so impactful."


So much gratitude for the wisdom you imparted in our most recent session.

I've fully embraced my next work of releasing responsibility for my parents, I'm sober, and finally noticing when I give my power away. I'm working to remedy that habit in order to model respect and self-sovereignty to my children.

- J, Arizona

Elena provided the push I'd needed for months.

With complete honesty and a touch of tough love I'd never receive from my therapist or friends, Elena immediately felt like someone I've known forever, making me feel completely safe while challenging me to make crucial changes. Elena's wisdom, calming energy and clarity helped me see and execute a vision I'd been putting off for months. While I'll always believe in a layered approach (therapy, acupuncture, bodywork, meditation, yoga, nature), after one session with Elena, I took my power back and initiated a few conversations that went uncharacteristically peacefully and smoothly. Elena offers practical, experiential, loving counsel.

- Ashley, CA

I've known for a few years that when i'd finally be ready to get sober, you'd be the one to nudge me there.

A part of me still wanted an alternative; you gave me the message I needed to move and release negativity and feel a sense of real freedom.

- R., Texas

I love how direct you are with me.

I love that I can reach out to gain clarity and support when I feel lost on how to apply the work we do. You've helped me find grace in it with parenting and the work we've done around my relationship to my mom was life-changing. Your mentorship provided clarity on some of the specific challenges; your generosity, care and genuine nature is felt.

-S, Canada

In my work with Elena, we go straight to the point.

She catches the details that matter, and our conversation organically flows toward topics needing my attention and reflection. Our time has helped me unlock some limiting beliefs around earning for my services, opening a new confidence in myself, a readiness to let go of certain judgements more smoothly. Our calls are intellectually stimulating and fun; we stay focused and move swiftly. It's a great feeling, during and after: I feel supported.


I would 100% recommend working with Elena for 1:1 mentorship.

She draws from a broad array of experiences, techniques, and energies that taken together have a practical and personalized impact. Our conversations were free-flowing and allowed us to quickly get into depth on areas I wanted to explore, then just as quickly get into some actionable ways to address them.

-Mike R.

I feel a sense of completion and guaranteed transformation.

Elena made the ability to commit to 1:1 Mentorship very accessible. I feel a deeper commitment to myself. Fierce belief in Self and acceptance. Accountability and giving myself credit has buoyed me to this point.   In forging my own path, it can feel confusing, lonely and scary. Elena’s work provides a highly effective and flexible yet grounded guidance. I can’t wait for what is next.

- Courtney

You brought a quietly gracious presence to the Sessions.

Your laser focus was contagious. You modeled deep listening, exceptional questions and astute advice.

An abundance of benefits came from the Sessions. The standout benefit is the map of my project's direction. I have great ideas; my development opportunity is to breathe air into them. With your guidance, and that of my sisters, I was able to "translate" my ideas into action and feel the heartbeat of the work.

I also feel a sustained growth in the beingness of my project. It's a fast changing topic yet you hold space for me to adapt, make mid-course adjustments and proceed with balanced energy. Even if we don't communicate out loud, I am super aware of your care for our progress.

You guide us to be better humans. You refer to your rich lineage of teachers. You gift us with the magical joy of service as we show up in the world.

- Katherine

I felt a unique and uplifting buoyancy in connecting with you one on one.

And that the lingering flavour was that of an elevated sense of potentiality... what I met in you offered a mirror to the potential in me.

-M, Australia

Since our time together, I feel more clear, confident and affirmed.

After hesitating to invest in myself and get real about my next steps, I finally reached out to Elena. Her initial questions before we met helped me face a few key fears, particularly around money and self-worth, to prepare for focused inquiry and real action. I appreciated the short term format--we landed in the heart of the issue swiftly and I was able to move the needle in my life with compassionate awareness. Elena was generous with her professional resources and referrals as well. I've spent many hours in therapy and my work with Elena was some of the most efficient time spent moving through resistance and getting into action.

- Jane, NM

After our sessions, CLARITY comes immediately.

I like that I could talk openly about any subject/concern of mine. I like your attention to details and nothing is "too small" to you. Your listening, compassion, support... I could feel your love.

I know EXACTLY what to do next, what I need to remove from my life and how to stick to my promises. I am more present and calm. I have this knowing now that "everything is gonna be all right".

Your wisdom, clarity, compassion, love, support is EVERYTHING! You have an ability to guide people and help them to achieve big results in a short period of time.

- Natasha

I love your energy, wisdom, softness, clarity and your message in the world and more and more people would love to receive that kind kind of support from a mentor like you.

Immediately there was so much clarity in an area that I was stuck on - the outline of my course. You broke it down exactly how I wanted to but could not earlier, it felt SO aligned to me and it was exactly what I feel is missing when I see similar offerings. I had new inspiration and motivation to go on with the creation process, I also created more videos for content marketing on linkedin and instagram. Helped me get unstuck and reinforce my unfair advantage.

I also love your input in seeing who is offering similar work and what might be missing - so I can offer that. And also your inputs on copy feel very aligned with my voice.

The efficiency with which you operate in our time, the clarity you offer from your experience and also your ability to get a deep understanding of where I am coming from - there is a also a lot of care from your end which is so appreciated. Deep listening and understanding from you of what the other is seeking. Your feedback on what I am creating is so valuable.

- Radhika

From booking and payment, reminders and length, everything was seamless.

Elena tends to things personally. Being in close proximity to her made me realize new levels of accountability and freedom. She connected me to other resources (her hypnotherapist), she helped me finally put down my addiction, and experience new clarity that has changed my life in countless ways. I can't wait for my next 3-session arc. I recommend Elena's work highly: the evolution and synchronicities I've experienced after just 3 sessions have shifted the course of my life.

- S, Michigan

Elena's clear, concise ability to get to the heart of the matter and cut though the BS is uncanny.

Her direct messages and homework are supportive, kind, and achievable. Words fail my ability to truly express my appreciation for all that she offers and all that she is.

- Mara R.

Recommending your work is easy.

Initially questioning whether we could accomplish much in three sessions, I learned a great deal with you in a short window of time. Touching in with self-empathy, I learned to trust myself more, which has reshaped my interactions, reducing my inner noise, self criticism and doubts, creating more space for clarity and creativity. This clarity has empowered me to act with more confidence and harmony. The feeling of ease in life seems suddenly realistic. Everything seems to flow. Energy and drive have increased notably.

You pointed out several things to which I was oblivious, offering a different perspective, combining a more reflective, abstract approach with practical advice. In a soft yet direct way, I felt guided toward conclusions that have lingered in my mind but I'd not been able to fully verbalize and digest. In a very short period of time, your reflections had a powerful and profound effect on my relationship with myself and with others.

- M.

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