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elena BROWER

In our 1:1 work together, my aim is to offer you another reference point for what's possible, personally and professionally. Together we mine our shared experience to cultivate and sustain your steadiness, release perceived obstacles, and touch into your natural means of engagement with your strengths and offerings.

work with elena brower

I feel a sense of completion and guaranteed transformation.

Elena made the ability to commit to 1:1 Mentorship very accessible. I feel a deeper commitment to myself. Fierce belief in Self and acceptance. Accountability and giving myself credit has buoyed me to this point.   In forging my own path, it can feel confusing, lonely and scary. Elena’s work provides a highly effective and flexible yet grounded guidance. I can’t wait for what is next.


You brought a quietly gracious presence to the Sessions.

Your laser focus was contagious. You modeled deep listening, exceptional questions and astute advice.

An abundance of benefits came from the Sessions. The standout benefit is the map of my project's direction. I have great ideas; my development opportunity is to breathe air into them. With your guidance, and that of my sisters, I was able to "translate" my ideas into action and feel the heartbeat of the work.

I also feel a sustained growth in the beingness of my project. It's a fast changing topic yet you hold space for me to adapt, make mid-course adjustments and proceed with balanced energy. Even if we don't communicate out loud, I am super aware of your care for our progress.

You guide us to be better humans. You refer to your rich lineage of teachers. You gift us with the magical joy of service as we show up in the world.


After our sessions, CLARITY comes immediately.

I like that I could talk openly about any subject/concern of mine. I like your attention to details and nothing is "too small" to you. Your listening, compassion, support... I could feel your love.

I know EXACTLY what to do next, what I need to remove from my life and how to stick to my promises. I am more present and calm. I have this knowing now that "everything is gonna be all right".

Your wisdom, clarity, compassion, love, support is EVERYTHING! You have an ability to guide people and help them to achieve big results in a short period of time.


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