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The Matter of Menopause

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In this compelling, comforting, podcast-style audio summit, you're invited to learn with doctors, experts and experienced women to approach menopause in vibrant health.


No matter your age, menopause is natural shift in the arc of your healthy life. Preparing your body for this transition is a gift you give to your future self. Learn to cultivate closeness and offer yourself care in order to savor this transition into your abiding wisdom time.



Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope

On the stages of menopause, empowering our purpose and power with the wisdom and intuitive expansion of this time in our lives.


Annabeth Gish

On the role of sobriety in menopause. Real talk about shift in chemistry, the importance of sleep, meditation and good friends.


Dr. Jen Horton DO, ABFM, IFMCP

Lifestyle modifications to harmonize the physiology of menopause. Redefining “symptoms” and offering specific pillars and considerations to smooth out the transition.


Allie Egan

On formulations and superhero ingredients in Veracity, importance of hormonal testing, beneficial relations with cortisol and more.


Sasha Davies

On shifting our language regarding menopause, specific signs of perimenopause, and the care we offer ourselves on this adventure inward.



Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

On the importance of early testing, to have thorough hormonal intelligence before and during menopause through regular screening. Building habits of strength and resistance along with cardio exercise on a weekly basis. Consuming protein to improve your sleep, mood, hair, joints, metabolism, muscle and quality of life.


Angela Chambers

Recalibrating our concept of the mighty matron, the wise, wild old woman. Prioritizing living every moment with love. Exploring passages from The Path of the Empress by Christine Li, MD.


Dr. Sara Gottfried

On perimenopause and menopause as initiation, current science (and myths) regarding the efficacy of bioidentical hormone therapy.


Kristin Weitzel

On the relevance of hormetic stress, practices of breathwork and cold therapy to teach the body how to use oxygen more efficiently.



Tracee Stanley

On taking rest and sleep to new depths in this transitional time. Specific practices to help you sleep, adapt when sleep is elusive, and create sustainable rituals to care for your body.


Carrie-Anne Moss

An intimate conversation about building your mind, turning inside for the answers and listening to your body attentively. Developing your innermost relationship and wisdom. Aging is a process of learning how to love yourself, to be with yourself. To trust yourself.


Katie Rose

On the energetics of perimenopause and menopause. Coming into relationship with ourselves, to tap into the energy body and prioritize intuitive knowing. Honoring sensations as information to learn to trust and acknowledge our embodied experience.


Omisade Burney-Scott

On holding space for the realities of menopause, normalizing the multiple truths of aging, prioritizing the power of shared intergenerational story to end the negative ways in which we relate to our bodies.


Jade Shutes

On managing and supporting body, nervous system, skin and more with the empowerment of the plants. Specific essential oils for perimenopause and menopause.


Free Online Summit

The Matter of Menopause

I'd like to receive monthly insights & resources from Elena.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much the matter of menopause series has meant to me.

This year started with a diagnosis of uterine prolapse during a routine visit - out of nowhere - and then a sudden, subsequent menopause that I wasn’t prepared for at 49. Another child left for college and then my youngest became very independent, got her license, a job, and a boyfriend… And now she’s gone all the time with my car... All is as it should be, I know, but it's lot of change and loss to process this year. I've really felt overwhelmed with grief.

So your series came just at the right time. I’ve learned so much, been so inspired. Every episode has made me clap my hands in applause, several have even brought me to tears. Menopause should be a celebration, an initiation, and the beginning of the next beautiful chapter. Turning *50* next week, journaling, buying myself gifts, ready to celebrate. Looking forward to it rather than dreading it, thanks to these conversations.

Just wanted to say, thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve really blessed me.


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The Matter of Menopause is a beautiful and needed offering.

When it comes to holistic, quality information about midlife and the menopausal years, women are thirsty for conversation and information. Thank you for offering this well-curated, soulful, incredibly helpful series. The content was well-rounded and artfully included both science and the sacred. The practical, the holistic, the nitty gritty and the spirit of this powerful stage were all addressed.

I found the conversations to be honoring and honest, allowing the presenters to be women as well as experts. I appreciated the personal sharing that everyone did and the practical information and tips that came out in all the sessions. This happens to be my area of expertise and focus, but I always learn from others and love hearing different perspectives. These heart-led discussions allow women to feel a part of a larger sisterhood. Thank you for the diversity of speakers as well.

- A, B.A, RTCMP, R.Ac
Eastern Medicine. Holistic Health.


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