“The body has the capacity to effect permanent alchemical transformation
at the level of being. It has a higher instinct, a God-given, nonlinear,
nonrational intelligence, that only has to be tapped, or brought to life,
through the yoga… the body actually initiates us into a true life of
vibrance, radiance, clarity, compassion and wisdom.”

Hohm Shaj Mandir Study Manual Volume 1, with thanks to Darren Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Body”

  1. I have just finished yogaglo practise with you … the one titled Physical Detox from Addiction = quite a few camel poses there :)) … I then did my own meditation on gratefulness for the wisdom and patience of my own body … and then I checked your page and found this! with that picture! and those words! … amazing! 🙂 thank you for being so very important to my healing and brake- through process for some time now without even being aware of it 🙂 ! I am so very grateful for you ! Stay blessed. Love, T.

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