Cellular Sweetness {Ode to 2012}


{my first poetry slam piece}

This is about sweetness
Another day I just believe
That sweet is not a momentary state
but a me that i can breathe.

So now I’ve been eye to eye with my child
finally coming in from outta that wild;
and when i listen to my kid i know i’m listening to God
and now i can even truly listen to my Mom,
my Dad, my Men and my Self
and now I can say that i’m healing my cells.

And i’m exploring the brain that really is mine
and the heart that can feel and taste and refine and
YES i really did get that book done – see?
I saw something – saw it gorgeous – asked for help and then WE
made it magic. Wanna feel my poetry?

HERE – it’s when my Man says he’s here till he’s gone, with me;
when my kid says he can feel my Heart on the phone – he’s free –
and when i let the reins out and i’m sweet to my Self. Now i’m
addicted to healing my cells.

And everything i touch feels a lot like wealth
and i’m ready and willing and out of that shell – and i’m
proud and full and honouring and YES –
and i’m with it all, ALL, not one bit less.
So bring it creative, bring it styled – me?
i’m coming in from outta that wild,

and now i can see eye to eye with my child.

I don’t wanna ride that roller coaster any longer
i don’t wanna linger – i wanna fly, stay close to the sky –
i wanna be bathed, soothed, touched, amazed

i want it all
i wanna reach through the small through the wall
i wanna delete the limits and make sure i give it
to my Self first, my cells first, my Heart first

you heard me right – I’m coming
with love and adulation.
This is the beginning of my real imagination.

This is the magic, this is the shift.
This sweet girl is feeling a lift, feeling the gift
of my love
and my listening. And what i’m holding just won’t stop shimmering.
Yes – it’s all here in the palm of these hands, so i bring to you
this heaven from where i stand.

I know there’s magic in those moments when i lose it, then return,
i touch the terror then the nectar and i know i’m here to learn that
i am FREE to choose the environment of my mind.

I wanna choose it all the time.

Wanna be kind, to find, in time, inside
my hero, my feelings, my truth in my healings.
“To fight is a trap.” To listen is the gift.

This sweet girl is on the brink of a lift.

I’ve learned i love the high, but i don’t really need it.
I’ve learned  it’s good to let my Mom teach – and really truly hear it.
And any lapse in my integrity only slows it all down.
I need to own myself. Wear this exact crown.

Wanna practice every day
Feel my heart in every way
Find contentment in my being
Stop this struggle to be seen
Manifest a higher reality
Bring abundance, love and care to me
To you, To us, To this.

This is about sweetness
Another day I just believe
That sweet is not a momentary state
but a me that i can breathe.

photograph at COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, Nov 2012


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